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Market Place Listing / Banner Ad Agreement

Contact Person: Phone:
Email: Fax:
Start Date:   Term of Contract to be 6 months,
then month to month.
Market Place Listings are $79 per month per Listing showing Company Name, City, State and a descriptive paragraph with maximum of 256 characters and will link to URL provided by Client.
Banner ads may be .JPEG, .GIF or Animated .GIF with maximum file size of 35K. Banner Ad will link to URL provided by Client. Rates are quoted as $ /1,000 impressions (views).

Market Place Listing(s): Number of Listings: X $79.00 = $
(Limited Time Special Offer - Includes FREE 2,000 V/H Banner Ad Impressions/month)
Sales Tax on Listing (Texas Clients) @ 5.4% (no tax on Banner Ads): $

Top Sponsor Banner (Min 20,000/mo) Quantity: X $12/M = $
Sponsor Button (Min 20,000/mo) Quantity: X $9/M = $
Vertical/Horizontal Banner (Min 10,000/mo) Quantity: X $10/M = $
Total Monthly Fee: $
Each monthly payment is due by the 23rd of the prior month. Returned Check fee $25.

Banner Ad Dimensions:
Top Sponsor Banner: 234 wide X 60 highSponsor Button: 120 wide X 90 high
Vertical Side Banner: 120 wide X 240 highHorizontal Banner: 468 wide X 60 high, Inc. reserves the right to refuse material/URLs deemed unsuitable for Site.

Contract Authorized by:  
Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ______________