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(Jun 16, 2017 - Hayward, CA ) Some species of fish, especially after spawning, won't chase fast-moving bait. The problem is, many outboard engines won't run at the low RPMs needed to entice a bite.

B-Fish-N Tackle’s MasterFlash Jig taps into key predator-prey interactions  
(Jun 15, 2017 - Coralville, IA) Underwater, some pretty cool visuals produce compelling cause-effect scenarios, often unbeknownst to anglers. Like what happens when jaws snap and gills flare danger red. All that’s left is an explosion of scales and flesh and violence— a flashy feast for the eyes that triggers primal responses from other aquatic predators in the neighborhood.

(Jun 12, 2017 - Crosslake, MN) Don’t be surprised when your smartphone goes full A.I., 3D and solar powered—all at once. Or when your device lets you interact with lifelike holographic images. Or when something called ‘augmented reality’ endows your phone with Star Trek Tricorder powers, scanning, analyzing and enhancing anything in your world.  

(Jun 2, 2017 - Gurnee IL) Onboard power management is a concern, particularly on larger yachts where multiple light sources can represent a continuous drain. The Hella marine EuroLED 75 downlight provides bright, glare-free illumination yet draws less than 3W. Its superior design also enables both interior and exterior use aboard for a cohesive look.

(May 9, 2017 - Hayward, CA) Out of the water, even the lightest dinghy can be awkward to move. Some owners use anything they can find, from reluctant bystanders to dock carts. Others simply resort to dragging on it the ground by its painter. Whichever method, there's always a risk to the vessel and everyone around it—especially on a windy day.

Beans, Bullets or Band-Aids, Plano’s new military-spec Field Locker Waterproof Ammo Box protects contents in all conditions
(May 3, 2017 - Plano, IL) Plano’s venerable 1312, 1712 and 1612 Field/Ammo Boxes have served hunters and shooters around the world for over a decade. These practical, molded-plastic ammo cans are durable, won’t rust, and provide a secure and economical means of storing and transporting ammunition and other shooting accessories. Specifically, worldwide sales of the big Model 1612 .50 cal. Ammo Box have sealed its status as a shooter-preferred favorite.

Ingenious new optics accessories compatible with modular Quick Attachment™ System
(May 1, 2017 - Crosslake, MN) It’s a mad mad video world; a YouTube nation; a virtual way of life. See something weird or wild? You capture it with your phone or your camera. Upload. Share. View. Go viral. Within minutes, the whole world’s seen it, while legions of would-be documentarians stand ready to record the next wow moment.

Affordable autopilot system designed specifically for small- to medium-sized vessels
(Apr 27, 2017 - WILSONVILLE, OR) Nobody wakes up at 4 AM to go steering. Operating the boat is simply a means to an end—like getting on a hot bite before anyone else, or making that next port of call on time.

(Apr 21, 2017 - Edgewater,FL.) There's a new champion on the scene: The Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless Pro, a boat designed to maximize fishing success—inshore, offshore and anywhere in between. Unrivaled Boston Whaler hull construction combines with innovative, purpose-driven design to satisfy the needs of serious anglers, without sacrificing comfort or style.

(Apr 17, 2017 - Crystal Lake, IL) Torqeedo, long-time supporter of small boat fishing and leader in clean, zero-emission marine propulsion, returned to the 2017 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship as a main title sponsor.

(Apr 7, 2017 - Shelton, CT) As onboard power demands increase, Hubbell Marine answers the call with high-quality 50 amp cable sets that feature safety indicator LED lights. They notify users when electricity is flowing and, more importantly, when there are wiring problems at the power source.

Perseverance pays big dividends for Bassmaster Classic victor Jordan Lee
(Apr 4, 2017 - New York, NY) Pulling away from the docks on the first day of the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods, Seaguar pro Jordan Lee couldn’t have imagined the roller-coaster path of conditions and emotions that he would navigate over the next three days.

(Mar 24, 2017 - Bixby,OK) After winning the coveted “Best Terminal Tackle” award at ICAST, the world’s largest annual sportfishing trade show held in Orlando, FL, followed by a trifecta of industry Best-in-Show awards, Trapper Tackle gets ready to debut a trifecta of its own. Enter “Trapper Treble” which will be first shown to the world later this week at the Bassmaster Classic in Houston, TX, on the world stage of championship bass fishing.  

(Mar 24, 2017 - Park Falls, WI) The precision, long-distance cast – it’s the mark of the elite bass angler. The ability to hit the faraway pocket in a pad field, to reach the most remote regions of a dock, to run a crankbait on ledge in just the right window—these are the powers that separate the average bass angler from the extraordinary one. These are the angling powers that St. Croix aims to amplify with the debut of six new members in the Legend Tournament Bass casting lineup.

How Old Town-sponsored pro Keith Combs taps backwoods bass  
(Mar 24, 2017 - Old Town, ME) Old Town Canoes & Kayaks is proud to announce official sponsorship of Bassmaster Elite Series pro and 2017 Bassmaster Classic competitor Keith Combs.

(Mar 21, 2017 - OTSEGO, Mn.) Expanding on its incredibly popular PT line, Crestliner introduces the new PT 18, a premium bass boat with abundant onboard space and impressive fishing features that will continue to set the standard in bass fishing. This tournament-quality boat will make its official debut at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Houston, March 24-26.

Lightweight and lightning fast, Tenzing’s new TX 14 is grab-and-go hunting daypack perfection
(Mar 16, 2017 - Plano,IL) Great hunting is where you find it, and sometimes, it’s just a short distance from the house, camp or truck. Hunters headed for the stand, blind or back 40 don’t always want or need a large hunting pack. They need a secure place to keep essential hunting gear and supplies meticulously organized and ready for action – a sturdy, svelte and lightweight hunting pack that won’t slow them down.

(Mar 14, 2017 - Peachtree City, GA) Bright white light is great when working or performing a specific task but often a softer tone or secondary color is desired. Owners can now benefit from two alternating LED hues with the new Dual Color Sea Hawk-XL lamps from Hella marine.

Kevin VanDam’s Secret
(Mar 14, 2017 - Plano,IL) Kevin VanDam was focused. I could hear it in his voice. “I’ve never been more organized. I know everything that’s in my boat.”

(Mar 13, 2017 - Mt. Pleasant, SC ) With the Milennia MILAMP200BT from Prospec Electronics, the ability to stream music without a traditional stereo becomes a reality.

(Mar 11, 2017 - Gurnee IL) Just because something is the most utilitarian tool on board doesn't mean it can't be attractive. Shurhold's premium Fishing Series Handles fit over 40 attachments available for the One Handle Does It All system, and are sure to turn heads in any marina.

(Mar 6, 2017 - Lebanon, MO) New for 2017, G3 is proud to introduce the new Sportsman 18 bass boat, a complete package designed to fulfill experienced anglers’ “wish list” of features and benefits for their next boat.

The Best Little Walleye Jigs You’ve Never Heard Of FISKAS ‘Gets Heavy’ with New XL Walleye Series Jigs  
(Feb 23, 2017 - Saline, MI) You can’t fully appreciate the need to sink your lure like a stone until you’ve got a big red sonar fish staring you in the face at 32 feet and you’re sitting there over a hole in the ice with a tiny jig at the end of your line. Ditto for vertically jigging a deep swift river for walleyes. Or when you’ve found fish hovering in heavy cover.

(Feb 22, 2017 - Richland, MI) From attracting fish to creating the perfect dockside mood, TecNiq's new M50 and M51 Water Dragon Underwater Lighting illuminates the world aquatic. They're the brightest surface-mounted LED underwater lights available, yet are competitively priced. And with a lifetime warranty, a long and reliable service life is guaranteed.

St. Croix Eyecon trolling rods let anglers see, feel and CATCH what they’ve been missing
(Feb 21, 2017 - Park Falls, WI) Unpredictable? Oh yeah. Fickle? Goes without saying. Heck, why don’t we just simply call ‘em plain ol’ picky and be done with it. And if you target what is arguably North America’s choosiest (and tastiest) freshwater fish, it’s obvious, we’re talking walleyes.

St. Croix goes off the grid with new Premier Musky Spinning Rod  
(Feb 17, 2017 - Park Falls, WI) This isn’t about the poor sap caught on camera with his spinning rod upside down. What matters is that the dude’s heart’s in the right place. He’s fishing. Not golfing, bowling or sitting in his mom’s basement shooting zombies with a joystick. 

Angling Underwater
(Feb 13, 2017 - Crosslake, MN) We dare you to fish any lure in your box without imagining what it actually looks like below the surface. Tough to avoid, isn’t it?

(Feb 10, 2017 - Gurnee IL) Inspired by his own survival story, Scott Smiles developed Life Cell, a revolutionary floating safety device. So confident in its ability to save lives, the very organization that rescued him endorses it.

NEW Plano Plastic Worm StowAways provide efficient, dimensional and transparent storage for bulky soft plastics
(Feb 3, 2017 - Plano, IL) Soft plastic baits come in an ever-expanding array of styles, shapes and colors. What’s more, these affordable and versatile artificials can be rigged and presented to nearly every species that swims in seemingly endless ways. It’s no wonder they’re so popular with anglers.

Multiple sizes, configurations offered for a variety of angling needs    
(Jan 31, 2017 - FLIPPIN, AR.) Ranger Boats, the nation's largest manufacturer of premium fiberglass fishing boats, today announced an all-new line of aluminum Deep V models designed for multi-species anglers across the country. The new designs, available in 16-, 17- and 18-foot models offering multiple configurations, will begin shipping to dealerships later this month. 

(Jan 31, 2017 - Minnetonka,MN) Stingy fish staying hidden? Tie on a search party. Throw'em the Storm 360GT Searchbait, an ultra-versatile new bait the world's most respected professional anglers trust to deliver strike after strike in nearly any scenario.

Hardwater Lake Trout Hammer Sweet Stuff from Custom Jigs & Spins
(Jan 30, 2017 - Coralville, IA) Underwater, some pretty cool visuals produce compelling cause-effect scenarios, mostly unbeknownst to anglers. Like what happens when jaws snap and gills flare danger red. In the wake of a strike, an explosion of scales and flesh and violence triggers something primal from other aquatic predators in the neighborhood.

Trapper Tackle reins in a trifecta of bass fishing talent to spread the gospel of Trapper
(Jan 19, 2017 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL) Fresh off a whirlwind introduction in 2016, including best-in-show accolades at ICAST 2016 and the Pitman Creek Wholesale Show, and rounding out an award trifecta with terminal tackle best-in show honors at Big Rock West, the industry barnstormers at Trapper Tackle have stocked their pro team shelves with established anglers and up-and-comers from coast to coast.

(Jan 13, 2017 - Seattle, WA) Emerald Marine Products announces the release of the ALERT418™ Man-Overboard Transmitter. Made in the USA, the enhanced unit is based on the company's proven ALERT2 Transmitter, and is compatible with its MOB alarm system receiver and portable direction finder.

The Inside Story Behind Custom Jigs & Spins’ Classic Ratfinkee
(Jan 4, 2017 - Coralville, IA) Funny thing about the best fishing lures ever created. They’re often the least extravagant, most humble baits in the bunch. But like actual works of art, they have a way of transcending the space-time continuum. Not just in the sense that these classic lures “hold up” across many seasons, but that they’re virtually immune to the dreaded fishing-pressure factor; that fish never really turn wise to these all-time greats.

Legendary Ranger quality with unmatched features 
(Dec 22, 2016 - Flippin, AR)  Ranger Boats, the nation's largest manufacturer of premium fiberglass fishing boats, announces an all-new line of pontoon boats for 2017-Reata® by Ranger®. The line pulls inspiration from Ranger's acclaimed Reata series of fish-and-play designs and features the same quality and unmatched features that consumers have come to expect from a Ranger boat.

Award Winning Trapper Hooks Arrive in Time for the Holidays

(Dec 22, 2016 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL) Following back-to-back Best in Show awards in terminal tackle at ICAST and the Pitman Creek Fall Dealer Show, the anticipated Trapper Hooks are now available at designated sporting goods retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

Berkley Dredger ready to find deep fish
(Dec 7, 2016 - Columbia, SC) Legendary pro angler David Fritts knows a thing or two about what makes a deep diving crankbait so effective. Combining the technology and innovation of Berkley with the expertise of Fritts and the Dredger was born. The Dredger is a smaller profile bait that dives deeper, faster than any other bait on the market.

Advanced optics endow HD700i with spectacular low light vision
(Dec 1, 2016 - Crosslake, MN) What was once dark and mysterious within a water body’s inky depths has recently taken a turn toward the light.

(Dec 1, 2016 - Atlanta, GA) "If you could only hunt or fish one day of the month for a short period of time, wouldn't you want to go during a time when you could predict success?" asks John Lehman, President of DataSport, Inc. 

(Nov 22, 2016 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Crevalle Boats recently launched its 26 Open Bay Boat at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). The innovative, new boat features Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America's ground-breaking BlueSky electric sliding hatch.

(Nov 18, 2016 - Park Falls, WI) Cast. Crank. Hook. Set…. Shake, rattle and roll…and then the story can go one of two ways. One ends in utter disappointment. The other plays like the highlight reel of a Super Bowl win. In slow motion, the crowd cheers, you are the champion and lift your flopping trophy from the landing net!  

Frabill's All-new U.S. Coast Guard approved I-Float suit hits store racks just in time for first ice.  
(Nov 17, 2016 - {Plano, IL) As November’s temperatures dip and ice begins to spread southward from America’s Northern expanses, ice fishing aficionados are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get their seasons started. First ice provides some of the best angling of the hard water season, but it can be tricky business – and potentially life threatening. So how does one whet their appetite for early ice without actually getting wet?  

Purveyors of the original sit-on-top fishing kayak bring anglers myriad new features
(Nov 16, 2016 - Old Town, ME) Ocean Kayak, makers of the original sit-on-top fishing kayak, is proud to introduce an entirely revamped Trident Series, already the choice of serious saltwater anglers around the globe.  

ICAST Best New Saltwater Reel award winner currently shipping to retailers  
(Nov 14, 2016 - Columbia, SC) The new PENN Slammer III reels are now being shipped to retailers across the nation, just in time for holiday gift shopping. A favorite among voters at the ICAST 2016 show, the PENN Slammer III won the Best Saltwater Reel award at the annual event. The new PENN Slammer III reels are among the best spinning reels in the market place and are destined to be a favorite among professional and recreational anglers.

St. Croix Rods’ highly anticipated BASS X series now appearing in stores
(Nov 7, 2016 - Park Fall, WI) We’ve all gotten caught up in the hoopla around the release of a “life changing” product. Don’t be ashamed if you camped out to own the latest and greatest iPhone. (Now if you slept outside a store praying to snatch a Cabbage Patch Kid or talking Minion character, you might want to keep that on the low.)  

Next level Micro DVR-DT Underwater Viewing Systems unlock overlooked fish
(Oct 24, 2016 - Crosslake, Mn.) Still so much we don’t know about what’s really happening beneath the surface.

NEW Frabill Universal Bait Can is the only bait can an angler needs

(Oct 24, 2016 - Plano, IL) Much like the corn cob pipe, the “bait can” started its existence as a repurposed item that was formerly relegated to junk status. While other coffee cans may have collected miscellaneous screws and bolts on dusty, cobweb-covered garage windowsills, the lucky ones became the friendly confines of night crawlers collected from backyards on rainy summer nights.

Keweenaw Tackle Company embellishes a twosome of natural tones to fool predator fish; introduces new Golden Tiger and Fire-Fin patterns.
(Oct 7, 2016 - Traverse City, MI) Panfish can be pesky. Little ones will shred an angler’s crawler, disembowel their cricket and suck the scales right off a minnow. But as frustrating as they are to fishermen, these pint-size bait robbers are a necessary evil in creating a healthy underwater ecosystem. An all-too-important center of the food chain, they are a favorite prey for predator fish of all species.

Late-Fall’s Bladebait Smallie Bite  
(Oct 7, 2016 - St Louis, MN) It’s not easy for smallmouth bass anglers to put down their rods for the season. But because of the latitudes smallies swim, folks throughout the northern Midwest states will have to do just that when their favorite waterways freeze-up.

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