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13 Jon Boat Models in G3 Line
(01/05/2001 - Lebanon, MO.) When building the best aluminum Jon boats, the basics need to get down to a science. The folks at G3 like to think of it more as an art form. Hunters and anglers will too when they experience the 2001 line of Jon boats from G3.

ZX Deep V - Big Water Series
(01/05/2001 - Kilgore, Texas) Fishing rough water? Gotta have a Deep V. No matter how far north or how tough the conditions, Skeeter has a Deep V built for big water, a great ride and even better fishing experience. Skeeter's new ZX2050 satisfies the special itch big water anglers have, whether it be fishing for walleye, northern pike, salmon or lake trout. The hydrodynamically designed Deep V hull makes for a fast and dry ride in even the worst chop. They're rugged too. Skeeter's unique X-TREME and X-CEL composite design, backed by over ten years of engineering and construction experience, is used for all Deep V floors, stringers, transoms and hulls, and results in a lasting performance year after year under even the harshest conditions.

(01/02/2001 - Philadelphia, PA) Saltwater anglers have long awaited the arrival of American-made graphite reels offering Penn's world-renowned two speed lever drag performance. With the introduction of the new-for-2001 Penn Formula™ Series reels, there's no need to wait any longer.

Versatile Size Ideal for Freshwater, Saltwater, Even Ice Fishing
(01/02/2001 - Providence, RI) When Acme introduced its new Slim Jim® spoon for 2000, serious saltwater and freshwater anglers immediately had two reactions. One, they started catching everything from saltwater bluefish, bonito and false albacore to freshwater walleye and stripers like never before. Two, they began clamoring for a scaled-down version that would fit the bill when gamefish were keying on small prey.

Taking Finesse Fishing to the Next Level!
(12/28/2000 - Menomonie, WI.) Imagine this scenario…you only have the weekend to fish for your favorite finny opponent …Mr. Largemouth Bass. All week long you've made plans to be out on your favorite lake hoping to entice a game of tug o' war from a lunker largemouth. The only problem is, Mother Nature throws one of her famous "Cold Front Curve Balls" right at your lake! Bright sunny skies, no wind, cold temperatures -- fishing is tough and nothing seems to be working!

(12/22/2000 - ) Now and then a fish finder comes along with the kind of quality every angler desires, at a price every angler and boater can afford.

(12/12/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI.) Mercury Marine has been presented the first ever 2001 Environmental Leadership Award from the Bluewater Network, a national environmental organization protecting public waters, lands and ecosystems. 

(12/06/2000 - Rhinelander, WI) If you've been searching for that one "good book" for your favorite angler this Christmas, you can stop looking. And if that person fishes for bass, you'll really be a hero!

Scorpion 377 Sterndrive Provides Unmatched Performance Proving Itself a Viable Power Source for High Performance Bass Boat Market
(11/28/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Bryant Enterprises of Maryville, TN and Mercury Racing have teamed up to develop a high performance Stroker bass boat powered by the Mercury Racing Scorpion 377 sterndrive engine. The innovative combination of a 350 h.p. small-block V-8 sterndrive in a 21-foot bass boat has netted very positive results, providing unmatched performance with the Scorpion 377 sterndrive proving itself as a viable power source for the high performance bass boat market and is one low-emissions alternative to traditional 2-stroke performance outboards.

(11/28/2000 - Atlanta,GA) Last year, Yamaha Outboards introduced a line of High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) outboards as part of its largest commitment ever in bringing the best in outboard motors to anglers and boaters. The HPDI system won three industry innovation awards in 2000 - the IMTEC Innovation Award, given by the National Marine Manufacturers Assn.; Motor Boating & Sailing magazine's Innovation Award; and the Design & Engineering Award 2000 from Popular Mechanics magazine. For 2001, Yamaha is expanding that line with three new models - a premium175, a VMAX 175 and a VMAX 200. These engines meet the Federal 2006 guidelines today.

Versatile Applications Include 26-foot Military Landing Craft
(11/27/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) of Franklin, LA has developed an innovative turbine-powered Mercury Racing Outboard. The experimental outboard features a Rolls Royce Allison 250 series gas turbine engine mounted to a Mercury Racing 2.5 EFI Offshore outboard center section and 1.87:1 gear ratio Torque Master gearcase. The lightweight, 320 horsepower outboard is being tested on a 26-foot aluminum hull landing craft built by Munson Boat Works. The 4500-pound boat, loaded with four people and a Jeep, is capable of reaching speeds up to 40 mph.

World's First Low-Emissions Hi-Performance Outboard set to Revolutionize Outboard Sport Boat Market
(11/27/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) The new OptiMax 200XS consumer performance outboard represents a culmination of advanced, direct fuel injection, 2-stroke technology developed by Mercury Marine. Mercury Racing's OptiMax 200 earned its 'XS' advanced performance designation and entry in the record books after winning the 2000 '24 Hours of Rouen' endurance powerboat race in Rouen, France. The 200XS not only won the race but also set records for the most laps completed (837) and fastest average speed (129.052 kilometers per hour). OptiMax 200XS outboard powered boats also finished second and fourth. This record setting performance, resulting in part by fewer necessary fuel pit stops, proved the extended operating range and durability of Mercury's OptiMax 2-cycle direct fuel injection, low-emissions technology.

(11/22/2000 - Walker, MN) We've all received "unseasonable" presents during the Holidays. Much needed or wanted, these items go unused and often misplaced during the winter months. There's the out-of-season weed-whip, bug-zapper, electric trolling motor, canoe paddles, running shorts, etc. As a winter sports enthusiast, I prefer giving as well as receiving "seasonable" gifts – those, which can be used within minutes of unwrapping. And ice-fishing trinkets are the niftiest of all...

ZX-Saltwater Series
(11/21/2000 - Kilgore, TX) With a no carpet deck design, the Skeeter ZX 225L and ZX 190L, the most popular models of Skeeter's high performance bass boats, are equally ideal for saltwater and low maintenance conscious anglers. Equal in every way to their bass counterparts, the ZX 225L and ZX 190L feature a light maintenance, corrosion free fiberglass deck in place of the traditional carpet covered deck with the inshore saltwater as well as the bass fisherman in mind.

ZX-Saltwater Series
(11/21/2000 - KILGORE, TX) A tunnel boat with a unique hull design that allows fishing in very, very shallow water and a trey of big center console boats, make up the Skeeter Boats saltwater bay boat lineup. The Skeeter ZX2400, ZX2200, ZX2200T and ZX2000 are engineered to provide first-class bay and offshore performance. With Skeeter's exclusive X-TREME composite transom and stringer system, Skeeter bay boats are stronger than ever. That means great performance in shallow as well as deep water. Plus, Skeeter's patented V-pad hull flattens the roughest water for a smoother, drier ride.

(11/20/2000 - ) Penn has advanced two speed lever drag performance to a higher level with its new-for-2001 International® 70 Big Game Special, a reel destined to become an instant favorite among serious offshore anglers worldwide.

SX - Tournament Series Bass Boats
(11/19/2000 - Kilgore, Texas) Sometimes, the best fishing is hard to get to and around tight places. The SX180 bass boat from Skeeter may not be as large as some of her big sisters, but the quality and fishing features are not lost. At 17' 8", the SX180 ranks as one of the smaller Skeeter Boats on the market. But this is a Skeeter and Skeeters are made for fishing. Rated for a Yamaha 130 horsepower outboard, the SX180 is quick on the hole shot and anglers get from the ramp to that favorite cove or point in no time. The 82-inch beam provides the stability needed during rough conditions and the space required for fishing from the front deck. The cockpit is built around a console with boat driving in mind with tinted windscreen, easy to read gauges, built in Zercom CID-40 flasher, single cable non-feedback steering and bench seat. Switches are situated within the driver's reach even while steering on a plane. The nineteen gallon divided live well in the back provides for easy separation of fish and the live well control system allows for filling, draining and recirculation. Both the front and rear deck have fishing chairs on 13-inch fixed extensions. The bow panel is complete with trolling motor receptacle and engine trim switch. And every SX180 comes standard with a Motorguide 24 volt foot operated trolling motor with Gator mount.

A Total Performance Bass Boat Rated For 200 HP
(11/17/2000 - Kilgore, TX,) The ZX200 from Skeeter is quite simply a smaller version of the ZX225, considered to be Skeeter's flagship bass boat, and the ZX250, the largest Skeeter bass boat. Extending a tape measure to 19 ' 5" in overall length, the 200 horse power rated ZX200 is smooth and dry on the big water and can maneuver into the back of timber filled coves for that secret pocket of bass. Like her big sisters, the ZX200 has a 92-inch beam so the forward fishing platform is long and wide with so much room that two anglers can fish the front and not get in each other's way. The ZX200 also has oversized storage boxes including two rod lockers on the front deck with room to hold a large number of outfits neatly arranged with the built-in integrated rod storage system. The front deck also has two spacious storage compartments to hold plenty of tackle. More storage compartments are built into the back deck and under the seats. Three retractable rod staze hold rods secure on the decks on even the longest and roughest runs.

(11/15/2000 - Philadelphia, PA) When you take on hard-fighting gamefish like cobia, kings, tarpon and tuna, you need a rugged, lightweight reel with a smooth, precise drag system, plus the power to bring these saltwater bruisers to the boat. That's exactly what Penn had in mind when designing its new-for-2001 LD Series models.

from Escape To The Outdoors
(11/13/2000 - Scottsdale, AZ.) If your holiday shopping list includes someone who loves the Great Outdoors, we have some great gift ideas for you. We searched high and low for gift ideas that will fit any budget. Most of these gifts can be found in retail sporting goods stores or on the Internet. Approximate prices and toll-free numbers are listed where available.

Define On-Water Performance
(11/05/2000 - Murfreesboro, TN.) Superior performance, smooth handling and premium quality workmanship make the new Stratos® SS Extreme bass boats the boat of choice for bass anglers who want to remain competitive on the water – and in contention for the top spot at the weigh-in on any competitive tournament trail.

(10/31/2000 - ) Fins™ Spectra Super Line represents the next generation of braided fishing line. This incredible line enhances the strength of the high performance spectra fibers from which it is created. It is the best performing super line ever produced. FINS PRT Braid offers measurable performance beyond all other Superlines. Lines do not provide power; anglers and their catch do, and FINS PRT Braid harnesses that power with the most efficient performance per dollar of any Superline.

(10/31/2000 - Franklin, PA) "Autumn and cool water means hot smallmouth action," said Legendary Smallmouth angler Jeff Snyder. "Smallmouth get a jump start in activity once temperatures dip into the low fifties and high forties. This drop concentrates bait which in turn...concentrates smallmouth." Snyder was on a story and photo shoot for an upcoming issue of BASSMASTER Magazine. "Outdoor writer Darl Black asked me to fish with him on a river I had never been on before," he said. "He was hoping to see how I dissected the river and find smallies in tough fishing conditions. I chose the upper Allegheny because I had never seen it before and I knew that the tough old river would challenge me."

(10/20/2000 - Bradford, Ontario Canada) Results of two recent high profile bass tournaments on Rice Lake near Peterborough Ontario, continue to show that adding Crackle capsules into tube jigs increases both the numbers and the size of bass caught during these events. At the Ontario B.A.S.S. Federation Qualifier on August 26 & 27, *Matt Monkman of Barrie fished as a non-boater and captured 2nd place overall out of almost 200 anglers. 18 year old Matt was one of the youngest anglers in the tournament. At the Chevy/Mercury Bass Classic the following Labor Day Weekend, Dave Chong of Thornhill placed 2nd thanks to Crackle.

PF145, For Those Small Ponds and Lakes
(10/16/2000 - Lebanon, MO.) Crappie, bluegill, bass and all the other fish that reside in that favorite small pond or lake won't even notice when a PF145 slides into the water. This 14-foot panfish model from G3 transports up to three people quietly and comfortably from the shore to the favorite fishing hole creating angling adventures to remember.

Skeeter Bay Boats' New Little Sister
(10/16/2000 - Kilgore, Texas) The new ZX2000 has all the bigger Skeeter bay boats features but at a size of an inshore flats boat. At 19 feet and 10 inches in length, with a 98-inch beam and 14-inch draft, this craft will go wherever the redfish run or the specs scurry. The ZX2000 is built for fishing and comfort. The elevated front and rear casting decks provide added visibility to locate the fish and plan the next cast. Beneath the front deck are two roomy storage compartments and an anchor storage box. The rear deck features a large storage compartment, easy to reach rear rigging compartment and 19-gallon recirculating livewell. The fiberglass doors are rigged with stainless steel hinges.

Fishing Accessories Added As Standard Features
(10/16/2000 - Lebanon, MO.) G3 Boats expand the use of pontoon boats, those big deck cruisers with home-style luxuries built in, with the introduction of the new PB20F, a fishing version of the family's pontoon boat. Added to the comfort and safety found on the other G3 pontoon boats are fishing features making the PB20F function like a mobile fishing dock. Fishing features found on the PB20F include four deluxe upholstered fishing chairs and pedestals, forward and aft aerated livewells, wiring and plug for a 12-volt trolling motor and rod holders. Family features include large Bimini top for sun and rain protection, comfortable Roto-molded furniture, an ABS table with 2/cup holders and a cooler with storage. Other standard features include AM/FM cassette stereo with two speakers and two -12 volt accessory outlets.

SX200, For Skeeter Angling Pleasure - Balance, Beauty, Performance-With Skeeter Reliability
(10/16/2000 - Kilgore, Texas) It looks and feels like a million dollar fishing rig but the cost is so much less. The new SX200 bass boat from Skeeter is built for tournament angling with the size, power and stability needed for fishing early and making the weigh-in time. This value series high quality bass boat satisfies the family budget as well. It's the best of both worlds.

Larger Livewell, Improved .100 Gauge Welded Hull
(10/16/2000 - LEBANON, MO.) Bass boats should be built to handle tough conditions yet laid out to compliment the angler's fishing abilities. The Pro 185 from G3 is on the mark for both categories with a hull welded with .100 gauge aluminum and features designed with fishing in mind. The 18 and one half foot long Pro 185 is rated for a 115 horsepower Yamaha outboard and the improved "New Generation" modified-vee step hull calms choppy water for a smooth ride and maximum performance at all speeds. The 3/16-inch extruded longitudinal stringer system runs the full length of the hull, adding strength and providing truer hull alignment.

A Total Performance Bass Boat Rated For 250 HP
(10/16/2000 - Kilgore, TX) There's no mistaking the ZX250 Bass Boat from Skeeter. Rated for a 250 horsepower Yamaha outboard, this 21-foot craft is the largest Skeeter bass boat made. Cruising to the next fishing hole is a smooth and fast jaunt for the ZX250. The massive forward fishing platform is built on a 92-inch beam to accommodate the most demanding of front deck anglers with room for rods, tackle and even an oversized fishing partner.

With All Aluminum Hull, Floor and Deck
(10/16/2000 - Lebanon, MO) Fish all day, fish all year and continue fishing into the decade, the new HP190 bass boat from G3 Boats will outlast any angler. With all aluminum materials for the hull, floor and deck and welded construction from bow to transom, these boats won't rattle apart even in the roughest conditions.

ZX - Performance Series Bass Boats
(10/12/2000 - Kilgore, TX) It's the bass boat dreams are made of. The Skeeter ZX225 is boat of choice by more tournament competing Skeeter owners than any other model. The ZX225 has the size, the power, the stability in rough water and the front deck size to help anglers catch more fish, day in and day out. Rated for a Yamaha 225 horsepower outboard, the 20' 2" ZX225 rockets through the water allowing the driver and partner to arrive at the best fishing hole while the others still work the wakes. The ZX225 is also a master at beating an impeding thunderstorm, or the tournament clock, back to the ramp.

Raychart 320 Delivers High-Performance in a Compact Package
(10/11/2000 - Nashua, NH) Raytheon Marine, the leading supplier of marine electronics to the worldwide recreational marine market, today introduced the new Raychart 320. At the heart of the Raychart 320 is a new 12 channel parallel GPS receiver capable of receiving augmented GPS WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) satellite differential signals.

Offering speciality products and innovative items for fishermen.
(09/19/2000 - Lindale, TX) C.T. Sports has joined the community with a new e-store that offers speciality products for the fishermen. C.T. Sports offers innovative items that most tackle stores don't carry. Owner Tom Rivers said, "In most cases the items are what I would consider outstanding products that suffer from limited exposure." Now when you are looking for those hard to find items, be sure to drop in C. T. Sports.

(Friday, July 28,2000 - San Angelo, Texas) "I thought I saw it in the rod locker!" "I think it's in the storage box by the left live well!" "We had it last year #*%*!"

(Thursday, July 13,2000 - Maple Grove, MN) Dean Meier of Maple Grove, Minnesota took a fourth place finish in the MInnesota State Lottery Pro/AM Bass tournament held on Gull Lake this past June 14-16. Dean used a new bait bearing his name produced by the Osseo, Minnesota based fishing tackle manufacturer, Thunderbullets, find fish on the weedy flats of this popular resort area lake.

Fishing Hot Spots Maps and Navionics Announce New GPS Fishing Maps
(Friday, July 07,2000 - Rhinelander, WI) There hasn't been a breakthrough product in fishing for a long time. Until now. Fishing Hot Spots‚ HotMaps‘ by Navionics will feature freshwater lake contour and structure information in both handheld and fixed mount GPS units. In making the announcement, Fishing Hot Spots, Inc. (FHS) and Navionics plan to have the product available this summer.

The Only New Truly Innovative Bass Jig in the World!
(Thursday, July 06,2000 - Menomonie, WI.) How do you effectively fish extremely thick cover? Not your average isolated brush pile here or there, but the real dense and matted stuff. You know…thick, seemingly impenetrable vegetation or prickly, lure-grabbing buck brush. How about beaver huts and clustered logjams? These are the places that grow giant bass and most lures can never reach them. Innovative Sport Group (ISG), manufacturers of the record-setting Intimidator' Soft Plastics, has solved the heavy cover blues...introducing the Scorpion' Bass Jig

(Friday, May 19,2000 - Flippin, AR) For years, saltwater anglers have looked to Ranger for a wide variety of exceptional fishing boats. Now, they have another reason to look to the nation's largest manufacturer of premium quality fishing boats for their sportfishing needs - the all-new 2180 Bay Ranger.

The 50 Best Places to Catch Bass
(Saturday, May 13,2000 - Granbury, TX) Largemouth, smallmouth or stripers--bass of all varieties are the number one sport fish across the country, and in America's Best Bass Fishing veteran angler and outdoor writer Steve Price points the way to the very best places to catch them.

(Friday, May 12,2000 - Claremont, NH) You've found the exact depth where the prized school of walleye has been swimming. You tried the bottom-bouncer, the slip bobber, everything you could think of, but because of the winds and the drift of the boat you just can't hold that depth. We're all familiar with that frustration, but now there's an answer!

(Tuesday, May 02,2000 - Dania Beach, FL) The 2000 World Record Game Fishes book is now ready for distribution. This edition of the only official guide to world sportfishing records lists over 850 species in all-tackle, line class and fly fishing categories. Included are the newly revised international angling rules and regulations for freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing. In addition, there are freshwater line class records for all 50 U.S. states, and complete junior angler records.

(Friday, April 28,2000 - Menomonie, WI.) Crowded lakes, heavy fishing pressure and finicky bass are the makings of a disastrous fishing trip. To avoid these tempestuous times, serious anglers need an advantage or edge over those wily old bass. ISG, manufacturers of the record-setting Scorpion' Jig Series, has that advantage...the Intimidator' Skirted Grub!

Skeeter's Stylish Ski Boats Have Bass Boat Features
(Thursday, April 27,2000 - KILGORE, Texas) Looking for stripers or largemouth at dawn. Taking the girls out tubing and skiing in the afternoon. Do it all from the same boat with Skeeter's Fish and Ski boats, designed to accommodate however you chose to have fun on the water.

(Friday, April 21,2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Mercury Racing and Mercury MerCruiser engines powered 15 out of 18 boats recognized by Powerboat Magazine in their annual "Awards for Product Excellence." Powerboat presents the awards to boat builders who survive the extensive evaluation put forth by the magazine's expert test team. The team evaluated a total of 46 boats in a series of performance trials that were featured in the December through April issues of Powerboat. The May, 2000 issue of the world's leading performance magazine features seven categories of boat builder product excellence awards including Offshore, Offshore Sport Cruiser, Sport Boat, Catamaran, Tow Boat, Production Runabout and Custom Runabout. In addition to boat of the year honors, workmanship, performance and value were recognized where appropriate in each category.

ZX High Performance Series Offers Options For All
(Thursday, April 20,2000 - Kilgore, TX) The "A" class of bass boats, the Skeeter high performance ZX series has a boat for every angler. Whether it's our biggest bass boat on the market, the ZX 210, the ZX 195 or the ZX 180, these ultimate fishing machines are engineered and built for the tournament fisherman.

(Friday, April 07,2000 - Rhinelander, WI) Never before has a product better reflected the world class fishing found on Lake of the Woods. Canada’s "big four," walleye, muskie, northern and smallmouth bass are the focus of the latest maps from Fishing Hot Spots.

(Tuesday, April 04,2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Mercury Racing is pleased to introduce the all-new HP575SCi sport boat propulsion package, the first Mercury Racing consumer engine to feature both super charging and fuel injection. It is the highest output powertrain package ever released by Mercury Racing to include a one-year limited factory warranty.

(Sunday, March 26,2000 - Alexander, AR.) Rattles are fast becoming a vital addition to the bass anglers arsenal. They attract fish to lures that would otherwise go unnoticed. Rattles enable an angler to announce to fish that their lure is in the vicinity by producing a clicking sound, mimicking their forage.

Creative Lure™ introduces crankbait making kits!
(Friday, March 24,2000 - Weehawken, NJ) Creative Lure™ introduces for the first time ever, a unique line of premium Balsafoam crankbait making kits. Developed for the hobbyist and serious angler, whose knowledge of "matching the hatch" can now be utilized for greater success and loads of fun!

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