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Juice Worm Jr
(Feb. 25, 2013 - ) Designed by Boyd Duckett, the new Berkley Havoc Juice Worm and Juice Worm Jr. give anglers more action that produces more strikes than any other worms on the market.

Water temperature activated color-changing baits catch legendary bass pros' attention
(Feb. 21, 2013 - Tulsa, OK.) "When angler after angler -- including three top pros in bass fishing -- get excited after seeing the simple demonstration of these color-changing lures, you know we have some exciting technology that will make a huge impact," said Sammy Lee, of the new Smartbaits.

(Feb. 01, 2013 - Columbia, SC) The new Havoc Hawk Hawg from Berkley, one of the newest baits in the Havoc bait family, takes the creature concept to a new level. The five-inch bass bait has unique fins and appendages for more action. Designed by Elite Series pro Bobby Lane, the Hawk Hawg, fishes in and out of heavy cover with ease.

(Jan. 30, 2013 - Columbia, SC) The creature bait, a craze that just won't die, continues as an angler's favorite. Berkley stirs the creature bait pot with the new PowerBait Power Claw. This 4-inch soft plastic, with claws that simply cannot be still, is designed to catch fish, and can be used in a variety of techniques throughout the seasons.

New Abu Garcia Reel Look with Same Great Cardinal Performance
(Jan. 25, 2013 - Columbia, SC) Abu Garcia Cardinal reels have a rich history in high performance while maintaining the boundaries of the budget-conscious consumer. The quality of components has increased and the Cardinal family of reels, STX, SX and S continue the sleek look on the new Abu Garcia spinning reel.

(Dec. 31, 2012 - Santa Clara, CA) When enjoying the great outdoors, enthusiasts can't let something as annoying as dead batteries ruin their fun. Powermania's Turbo M430 onboard battery charger can charge up to four 12V batteries at a time, enabling users to spend more time outside doing what they love.

Fast Cast Designed to Give Dual Purpose Casting and Jigging
(Dec. 31, 2012 - ) Until now there has not been a casting and jigging heavy metal lure capable of providing maximum distance, swimming action and hooking versatility. Sebile has solved this problem with the Fast Cast.

(Dec. 29, 2012 - Seattle, WA) Overheating due to poor electrical conductivity is the #1 cause of shore power failure. Older plug designs are notorious for burning out as a result of loose connections and corrosion. SmartPlug's 30 amp connector and inlet have many features that greatly increase conductivity and reduce the possibility of overheating.

New Abu Garcia Reel Look with Same Great Cardinal Performance
(Dec. 29, 2012 - Spirit Lake, IA) Abu Garcia Cardinal Reels have a rich history in high performance while maintaining the boundaries of the budget-conscious consumer. The quality of components has increased and the Cardinal family of reels, STX, SX and S continue the sleek look on the new Abu Garcia Spinning reel.

Car Radio Antenna
(Dec. 11, 2012 - Lake Havasu City, AZ) They say 'do what you love' - and so the Fishing Rod Antenna was created when lifelong fisherman and successful auto repair businessman, Dean Matzat, decided to combine his two passions.

Smooth, gutsy drags featured on light tackle reels, specially priced at $37.47 - $41.63
(Dec. 07, 2012 - ) The two fishing reels that launched the popularity and success of WaveSpin tangle-free spinning reels are being offered as a holiday half-priced special, good through December 15th.

Aqua-Vu launches new Micro AV Plus DVR, just in time for major Ice Show
(Dec. 05, 2012 - Crosslake, MN) "Original." New and unusual. Inventive. A first form from which varieties arise and imitations are made . . . Perhaps old Noah Webster was a fisherman, for how else can you explain his exact description of Aqua-Vu?the first angler-friendly underwater video camera in history and the pioneers of an entirely new electronic category?

(Nov. 19, 2012 - ) A fishing tournament is usually filled with fun and excitement. Unfortunately, Mark Robbins had a completely different experience on his way to compete when his boat collided with a sailboat operating with obscured lights.

Navigating Fog, Finding Deep Water Bass and Cashing Giant Checks
(Nov. 14, 2012 - ) Bass angler Koby Kreiger is a down-to-earth guy. He'll tell you candidly that for many years deep-water bass fishing was outside his comfort zone.

New 241 Straight Line Combo merges Bro Series blanks with advanced "no line twist" reels
(Nov. 07, 2012 - ) Only one season ago Frabill hit the reset button on ice fishing reels. Spinning reels still reign, and are core to the sport, but the radically different Straightline yielded an advantage that simply couldn't be spun out previously: line twist.

Premier boat builder offers 7 new aluminum boats
(Oct. 11, 2012 - MURFREESBORO, TN.) Fishing Holdings, LLC dba Triton Boats, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass and aluminum fishing boats, announces that it will soon begin manufacturing two new series of aluminum boats.

(Oct. 09, 2012 - Tulsa, OK.) Two Oklahoma-based crappie tackle manufacturers have partnered once again to host the second annual Bobby Garland / Crappie Pro Monster Fest fishing tournament and kids derby on Oklahoma's Ft. Gibson Lake, Oct. 27-28.

The Larger LUND 1650 Rebel XL fishes like a boat twice its size, but without doubling the price
(Sep. 26, 2012 - New York Mills, MN.) Take note of a frequent-flyer 'exit row' occupant settling into the seat of an airliner boasting a few extra inches of leg room, and you'll immediately sense their appreciation of the added space - all stretched out and visibly relaxed.

(Sep. 25, 2012 - TULSA, OK.) Gene Larew Lures' new Rattlin' Crawler, with a glass rattle inside, has quietly made a loud entry into the bass fishing scene in short order.

Digitally Enhanced MarCum ShowDown Troller 2.0 Upgrades Performance, Not Price
(Sep. 05, 2012 - MINNETONKA, MN.) A delightfully diminutive departure from traditional ice fishing sonar, category leader MarCum Technologies ventured forth last winter with a major concept within a micro package.

Unique bait and technique takes advantage of walleye biology
(Aug. 30, 2012 - Grand Rapids, Mn) Why? A fish's biological imperative is to conserve energy at all costs. Potential food has to yield a certain level of caloric return to validate the energy cost of its pursuit.

(Aug. 19, 2012 - Fond Du Lac, WI) Mercury has unveiled a new graphics package for its highly regarded OptiMax Pro XS lineup of outboard engines.

(Jun. 15, 2012 - Tulsa, OK.) It's hard to determine who is more particular about crappie bait colors, fish or fishermen. In either case, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits gets credit for having some of the most innovative and popular colors on the market, including Vegas, Monkey Milk, Love Bug, Silverfish and others.

(Jun. 03, 2012 - TULSA, OK.) So who really determines the best use of a new fishing lure, the manufacturer or the anglers who use them?

New Havoc Creature Bait Brings the Action
(May. 29, 2012 - Columbia, SC) The new Havoc Hawk Hawg from Berkley, one of the newest baits in the Havoc bait family, takes the creature concept to a new level. The five inch bass bait has unique fins and appendages for more action.

All-Star ASTeam Series Rods Get Technique Specific
(May. 29, 2012 - Columbia, SC) The old thought that a rod is a rod doesn't cut it these days. There are rods that possess just the right action with just the right amount of backbone for each technique out there.

1170 and 1490 Bait Binders - For Ease and Accessibility
(May. 29, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Bait bags are a necessary evil when it comes to fishing, and managing all those bags of different shapes and colors is even more tedious than ever.

All-Star ASMicro Series Optimized for Specific Techniques
(May. 29, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Micro guide rods have become standard on tour-level events as well as a fixture on lakes across the nation, but none have been tailored to suit the technique-specific angler.

Trust Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! When Smaller More Innovative Baits are Needed
(Apr. 30, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Talk about a mess! Anglers often find the large nightcrawler in the tub is just too big.

At Just 5.4 Ounces, Lightweight Design Is Taken To An Unparalled Level
(Apr. 30, 2012 - Columbia, SC) The evolution of baitcast reels continues. The new Abu Garcia Revo MGX low profile reel raises the bar higher than ever before.

Classic Worm Back with More Action
(Apr. 30, 2012 - ) One of the key components in finesse fishing is the bait. Anglers look for high action and colors that entice the most finicky fish to strike immediately.

Tougher XL with All the Benefits of the Original Formula
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Anglers love all the benefits that original Berkley Trilene XL has to offer. Easy casting, versatile for a myriad of baits and techniques and low memory.

Versatile Craw with more Action
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) The key to any bait is the action that it produces.

For More Fun While Light Tackle Inshore Fishing
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Teasing a shy trout, pitching to a tailing redfish, long casts to an elusive tarpon, slowing the hard run of a snook, playing a reef bound snapper?all are just part of the inshore experience.

Built to Handle the Harshest Conditions
(Apr. 02, 2012 - ) Serious ice fishermen know the value of a quality ice rod. Typically, traditional ice rods lose grip during cold, wet conditions on the ice ? until now.

Spinning Combos and Reels Built for the Budget, Crafted to Last
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Beginning anglers need confidence built early on and much of that is placed on the equipment used. Shakespeare provides anglers two new reliable, confidence-building spinning reels with the Shakespeare Contender and Crusader.

Popular White Rods Now Expands with Micro-Guide Casting Series and Cranking Models
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Anglers love the bold white finish of the Abu Garcia Veritas rods, and they love the lightweight feel even more.

This Reel Should Cost More
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Every reel should strive to offer the handling, comfort, durability and cost of the Pflueger Supreme MG spinning reel.

Now Offered in Blaze Orange
(Apr. 02, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Berkley FireLine Fused Original has become a staple on professional angling rigs as well as with weekend warriors.

(Apr. 02, 2012 - Gurnee, IL) Shore power safety is a critical component of boating. But, even the most experienced boaters need to be reminded of a few key tips.

(Apr. 02, 2012 - ) Combining beauty, functionality and longevity, Aqualuma Marine Lighting's range of interior lights is a long-term and cost-effective solution to creating a well-lit cabin.

(Mar. 27, 2012 - FLIPPIN, AR.) From its earliest days, Ranger Boats has created some of the most popular multi-species boats on the water. It's a strong heritage for innovation and total performance that continues to earn the respect of anglers the world over.

Lightweight Design Ideal When Paired With PENN Reels
(Mar. 16, 2012 - Columbia, SC) The big blue got a bit tamer with the introduction of the new PENN Bluewater Carnage offshore rods.

Havoc Slop Craw Throws all the Punches
(Mar. 16, 2012 - Columbia, SC) When Skeet Reese designed the HAVOC Slop Craw for Berkley he knew it was going to be his number one punch bait.

Superline Shears and Fishing Multi-Tool Introduced
(Mar. 13, 2012 - Columbia, SC) No longer does an angler need separate cutting utensils for monofilament, fluorocarbon and superlines. The new Berkley Classics Superline Shears are the only scissors needed for every line cutting need.

Shakespeare Offers Tackle For Anglers To Grow Up On
(Mar. 13, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Beginning anglers needing to move up the ranks from spinning to baitcasting equipment have a trusted option in the Shakespeare Alpha.

It's Bigger, It's Better with the Proven Chigger Craw
(Mar. 12, 2012 - ) Berkley is known to produce some of the best bait introductions on the water every fishing season.

Improvements and Reduced Weight Add to the Reel's Popularity
(Mar. 12, 2012 - Columbia, SC) It seems impossible to make a reel more durable with new features to add to the toughness and function, yet reduce the reel's weight by as much as ten percent depending on the model. But the new Pflueger President does just that.

St. Croix Rods teams with Kelly Galloup to design a rod that fishes subsurface bugs right
(Mar. 09, 2012 - Park Falls, WI.) Seated in a comfy armed chair before a crackling fireplace, elixir in hand, your thoughts suddenly shift to future flings with fur and feather. Those daydreams, for the brotherhood of fly anglers, are of trout slurping dry flies from the outer shell of a riffle as it slowly wafts downstream.

Premium Monofilament for Serious Saltwater Angling
(Mar. 01, 2012 - Columbia, SC) Saltwater lines, especially monofilament lines, must be tough to make it out on the briny deep. But, that isn?t all that serious saltwater anglers require of their lines.

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