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(Aug 13, 2015 - Woodbury, MN) Subtleties make all the difference when it comes to catching walleyes on the Great Lakes or even big bodies of water like Mille Lacs and Lake of the Woods.

(Jun 1, 2015 - Cape Coral, FL) There was an ad campaign some years ago with the tagline, “It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile.”  That same message can be applied to vacationing here in Florida.  What used to be a vacation destination just during the cold winter months, is now a popular family destination year round!

(May 1, 2015 - ) For all the press the southern states get for bass fishing, here’s a dirty little secret many of us already know: Minnesota offers some of the best bass fishing in the country for both largemouths and smallies.  

(May 1, 2015 - Minnesota) The two most critical and exciting junctures when fishing are at the strike and when the fish comes to net. If the fish strikes aggressively and the hooks are sharp, the fish gets hooked solidly and battling the fish is largely a matter of rod pressure and patience.

(Apr 18, 2015 - Cambridge, MN) As winter fades slowly into spring, crappies and other panfish begin a predictable transition from thermally stable, deep water basins toward warming shallows where the food web of the lake is beginning to bloom. This general movement may take a number of weeks, and can be easily interrupted by unstable spring weather.

April - Springtime Spinnerbaits
(Apr 18, 2015 - Mountain Home, AR) Have you been out on the water yet? We sure hope so because spring has sprung - the fish are biting, turkeys are gobbling, and trees are starting to pop leaves. It's the best time of year. A time when the promise and anticipation of the season ahead makes every trip seem to last longer, every bass seem to fight harder, and every trip more memorable. 

Doing the Devils – Paddling and Camping.
(Apr 17, 2015 - ) The closest city to Devils River is Del Rio, Texas, which is about 25 miles. About because who knows where Devils River ends and Lake Amistad begins.  The River drains into the lake from the north in Texas, but Lake Amistad is on the border between Texas and Mexico. Devils River is appropriately named as it is difficult, unforgiving and attempts to control you.

(Apr 10, 2015 - ) Fishery Center in Athens, Texas, you pay attention to the little things or you get left in the dust.

Lightweight wind- and waterproof raingear like Simms' Men's Hyalite Rain Shell keeps you dry, comfortable and fishing strong longer, no matter the weather.
(Apr 7, 2015 - Grand Rapids, MN) As summer approaches, anglers across the country are gearing up for a variety of fishing adventures. Much attention is deservedly focused on big-ticket items like boats, along with must-have tackle such as rods, reels and lures.  

Lure selection, speed and positon in-the-water-column dictate early-spring walleye results
(Mar 24, 2015 - Michigan) Post thaw... It’s unquestionably the most epic time of transformation among the Ice Belt states and provinces. Water temperatures are on the rise, but not nearly as rapidly as the air. Luckily, it only takes a one degree increase in water temp to wake up lethargic walleyes.  

Changing water conditions demand versatile presentations
(Mar 19, 2015 - ) The first stretch of consistently warm weather in the spring melts the snow in our yards, gets the sap moving in the maples, and brings anglers and their boats out of hibernation. The lure of an early spring trophy walleye draws an increasing number of boats to large rivers that host significant migrations of walleyes and sauger from downstream lakes, reservoirs, or riverine areas.

(Mar 12, 2015 - Woodbury, MN) Sometimes muskie fishermen seem to spend as much time in bait shops as they do on the water. Muskie hunters seem to need all the latest and greatest baits in order to catch that one fish of ten thousand casts

(Mar 10, 2015 - Jacksonville, TX) Folks and Friends, This weather is messing up my fishing.  To hook up with the spawning Sand (White) Bass, the river and creek flows have to be a certain height, volume and temperature.  The recent snow, sleet and rain have kept the sand bass from stacking up on these drainages and the temperature has kept me out of my kayak on these waters.

The Best Rig You’ve Never Fished?
(Feb 25, 2015 - ) Amazing that such a versatile rig — this prefect presenter of soft plastics and livebait — would be so little employed by panfish fans. In reality, a dropshot rig can be as productive as a bobber and bait, or even a tiny jig. It’s even possible that the dropshot is the most versatile rig of all, providing instant depth control; fishes heavy without impairing or impeding the presentation; shines in shallow and deep water; and activates softbaits like no other presentation.

Cold water - hot action
(Feb 11, 2015 - Mountain Home, AR) February is an interesting month for bass anglers across the country. Anglers in Florida are usually already chasing post spawners while anglers in the north are still drilling holes in their frozen lakes and reservoirs.

(Feb 9, 2015 - Granbury, CO.) The midwinter doldrums deter some anglers from hitting the ice, but fine fishing is close at hand for anyone within a short cast of a trout lake. Just ask veteran guide Bernie Keefe, of Granby, Colorado.

(Feb 4, 2015 - Alexandria, Va) As anglers, we all care about having clean water and healthy fisheries. Without them, a day on the water would simply not be possible.

Another – But Very Important -- New Year’s Resolution
(Feb 2, 2015 - Fort Myers, FL) With the beginning of a New Year there’s always a lot of attention given to resolutions.  You know everything from dropping a few pounds to really trying to learn a new language and a whole lot of others. 

(Feb 1, 2015 - Lake Okoboji, Iowa) I’ve had many folks ask me how I got into fishing and how I learned the tricks to compete successfully at high-level, professional tournaments. Although my dad always took me and my brother fishing as youngsters, my true education came about as I got older. There are always many “educators” who play big parts in our lives. As it turns out, a little help is always needed from our friends.

(May. 14, 2014 - DAVIE, FL) Two sharks. Two species. And two different journeys that have kept marine scientists closely monitoring the migrations of these satellite tagged sharks for months?one for its place in history and the second for the way it continues to make history.

(Apr. 04, 2014 - Braham, MN) There is no fun to be had when equipment malfunctions or breaks down, especially when you're trying to spend some quality time on your favorite body of water.

(Apr. 04, 2014 - Jacksonville,TX) I have come to realize when old men are telling the traditional hunting or fishing stories, the tales usually begin or include "One time...." - "One time back in......", One time over at......", "One time we had......"

More on White Bass -Kickapoo Creek and Sabine River
(Mar. 28, 2014 - Jacksonville,TX) Folks, I have taken advantage of the spawning white bass run on Kickapoo Creek and the Sabine River this year. I have had a great time.

(Mar. 27, 2014 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Fishing at Rollover Pass, Tarkington Prairie, TX, angler Frank Bunyard, was hoping to catch something on his finger mullet he just cast out. He soon got his wish when something hit his live bait hard and fast.

(Mar. 27, 2014 - Braham, MN) There comes a time when you just have to stay put, especially if you're trying to put a hurt on a boat full of walleyes, work a bedded bass, or maybe keep chucking a bait at a monster musky.

(Mar. 17, 2014 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) It's not hard to spot the excitement of someone catching big fish at Rollover Pass, just watch for long handled nets following excited crowds of onlookers watching nervous anglers with bowed-over rods.

(Mar. 04, 2014 - Jacksonville,TX) Nature comes in cycles, usually annual. I have written about the sand (white) bass spawn on Kickapoo Creek and the Neches River in Paddling Strokes in the past, annually. You probably deleted those issues which is alright because when I put Paddling Strokes into a book you will have to buy it.

(Feb. 25, 2014 - Rollover Pass, Bolivar Peninsula,TX.) Just landing and releasing two nice speckled trout made my early morning fishing a plus factor with adrenalin rushes. On flipping out another cast and retrieve my awake was jolted with a sudden and violent "TIC" !! The explosion of water that followed showed a shaking head of a fish in the middle of the tidal splash.

(Feb. 20, 2014 - Forestville, WI) When the only things certain in life are taxes and death, advice about how to deal with paying what is owed and not becoming an IRS target attracted huge audiences at the recent National Professional Anglers Association annual conference.

(Feb. 12, 2014 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Fishing reports advised the whiting were biting in the surf along Rollover's beachfront, and with nothing much happening anywhere else, a trip was quickly planned for some hopefully active surf fishing action that would put a few whiting on the fish fry menu.

(Feb. 12, 2014 - Jacksonville,TX) Man waits on nature. I'm setting here thinking about it. I'm waiting on the annual sand (white bass) bass spawning run to happen. Can't make it happen. I could cast a jig over and over in the Kickapoo, Neches or Sabine and unless nature has spawned the spawn, nothing would happen.

Be an Asset, Not a Liability
(Jan. 21, 2014 - Forestville, WI) When seeking advice on how to secure and maintain sponsorships in the fishing and marine industry, look for someone who has worn the hats and been behind the desks.

Crappie anglers enjoy a happy new year.
(Jan. 06, 2014 - Tallahassee, FL) Welcome to 2014. Black crappie are favorite cool weather targets, so join the fun, check your license ( and the list of top sites and tips below and go fishing. What better way to start off a new year then with some healthy outdoor activity and a mess of fresh fish?

(Jan. 06, 2014 - Braham, MN) By mid to late winter more and more bluegills and crappies show up in deeper water and can make for some easy pickin's. They're easy because they show up on good electronics and can usually be caught, as long you've got "right stuff".

Four men rescued from icy waters
(Dec. 18, 2013 - Columbia, SC) Quick thinking and years of experience by two charter captains saved the lives of four fishermen angling in near-freezing waters east of Picton, Ontario.

(Dec. 09, 2013 - Braham, MN) Good ice came earlier this season than it has in recent memory and was welcome news for those chomping at the bit to get it all started. In the northern part of the State anglers were even out before Thanksgiving on the shallower lakes like Red and the walleye action was red hot.

(Nov. 27, 2013 - ) My second guide was Raton who's English was much better than Grlindo's. Since I could cast about 50 feet I was looking for fish out that distance. I asked Raton how far he was looking and he said 200 feet. Being on the raised platform the guide can see father than the caster.

(Nov. 27, 2013 - ) More on our Belize adventure as... I wanted to fish some on my own so after a couple of days I checked out a Freedom Hawk Pathfinder kayak (pictured below) from the resort to fish the backside of the island.

(Nov. 27, 2013 - ) I recently had two kayaking experiences in the country of Belize. Belize is an interesting country in Central America. I had gone to Belize many years ago on a mission trip to the interior cities of Corozal Town and San Ignacio. But this trip was to the barrier island of San Pedro with its outer barrier reef.

Pre-season Scouting Secrets to Success
(Nov. 18, 2013 - ) Just because your favorite lake has yet to freeze over doesn't mean you can't go ice fishing. No, we're not talking about performing miracles, or walking on water like another ancient fisherman once did.

Not any old spoon works wonders when the bite...bites
(Nov. 19, 2013 - Michigan) Flip, flash, flutter and fall; jigging spoons have it all. Whether tipped with livebait, fake or sporting nothing but a plain Jane hook, jigging with spoons is one of the deadliest tactics for taking fish through the ice.

How to Welcome Chilly Temps, Bag Both Smallies and Largemouths with 'Jack of All Trades' Bait
(Nov. 18, 2013 - ) When the water temperatures plummet in fall, tournament bass angler Rich Lindgren employs numerous cold-water tactics, relying largely on one "jack of all trades bait" called the Kompak Craw for finicky bass in waters below 50 degrees.

(Nov. 04, 2013 - Braham, MN) There is plenty to be excited about when it comes to early ice walleyes. Reports about red hot action last fall were abundant with Lake of the Woods and Red Lake topping the list and a good fall bite means good ice angling. Both are on my radar, along with Winnie and a number of less publicized lakes that shall remain that way.

(Nov. 06, 2013 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Piercing bird cries and splashing alerted me to the melee! One minute I was casting sea-grass looking for a bite and the next I was at full throttle looking for a fight!

(Nov. 04, 2013 - ) Several have asked for an opinion on the constitutional amendment, Proposition 6, being consider now in a state wide election. I apologize for not presenting this information sooner. Here are the talking points:

(Nov. 03, 2013 - TAllahassee, FL) Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday and for many represents the only four-day holiday on their calendar. So what better time to offer license-free fishing days? Friday, Nov. 29, will be a license-free freshwater fishing day, which will immediately be followed by a saltwater license-free day Nov. 30.

(Nov. 03, 2013 - FORT LAUDERDALE BEACH, FL) Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts officially welcomed the first three South Florida members to its newly announced Expedition Outfitters program at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show?Captains Ray Rosher of Miami, Billy Black of Stuart and Randy Towe of Islamorada.

(Oct. 13, 2013 - Braham, MN) ere are plenty of good first ice destinations but these are my personal pics and they're some dandies. From big walleyes to giant pike to eye poppin perch you can take your pick and it really is all good.

(Oct. 07, 2013 - Tallahassee, FL) Have you ever been fishing and wished there was a sign saying right where the fish are? Well, fish attractors and the buoys that mark them are intended to do just that.

(Sep. 26, 2013 - Gilchrist on Bolivar Peninsula, TX) A leisurely rolling surf lulled me into an almost peaceful trance with its almost hypnotic sounds and vistas of diving sea birds, trawling shrimp boats, and shimmering surf. Then my peaceful interlude quickly changed from quiet bliss to a "keystone comedy" in 2.6 seconds with screeching drag, arching rod, and sandy footsteps with cries of "FISH ON!"

1442 Articles
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