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Pre-season Scouting Secrets to Success
(Nov. 18, 2013 - ) Just because your favorite lake has yet to freeze over doesn't mean you can't go ice fishing. No, we're not talking about performing miracles, or walking on water like another ancient fisherman once did.

Not any old spoon works wonders when the bite...bites
(Nov. 19, 2013 - Michigan) Flip, flash, flutter and fall; jigging spoons have it all. Whether tipped with livebait, fake or sporting nothing but a plain Jane hook, jigging with spoons is one of the deadliest tactics for taking fish through the ice.

How to Welcome Chilly Temps, Bag Both Smallies and Largemouths with 'Jack of All Trades' Bait
(Nov. 18, 2013 - ) When the water temperatures plummet in fall, tournament bass angler Rich Lindgren employs numerous cold-water tactics, relying largely on one "jack of all trades bait" called the Kompak Craw for finicky bass in waters below 50 degrees.

(Nov. 04, 2013 - Braham, MN) There is plenty to be excited about when it comes to early ice walleyes. Reports about red hot action last fall were abundant with Lake of the Woods and Red Lake topping the list and a good fall bite means good ice angling. Both are on my radar, along with Winnie and a number of less publicized lakes that shall remain that way.

(Nov. 06, 2013 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Piercing bird cries and splashing alerted me to the melee! One minute I was casting sea-grass looking for a bite and the next I was at full throttle looking for a fight!

(Nov. 04, 2013 - ) Several have asked for an opinion on the constitutional amendment, Proposition 6, being consider now in a state wide election. I apologize for not presenting this information sooner. Here are the talking points:

(Nov. 03, 2013 - TAllahassee, FL) Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday and for many represents the only four-day holiday on their calendar. So what better time to offer license-free fishing days? Friday, Nov. 29, will be a license-free freshwater fishing day, which will immediately be followed by a saltwater license-free day Nov. 30.

(Nov. 03, 2013 - FORT LAUDERDALE BEACH, FL) Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts officially welcomed the first three South Florida members to its newly announced Expedition Outfitters program at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show?Captains Ray Rosher of Miami, Billy Black of Stuart and Randy Towe of Islamorada.

(Oct. 13, 2013 - Braham, MN) ere are plenty of good first ice destinations but these are my personal pics and they're some dandies. From big walleyes to giant pike to eye poppin perch you can take your pick and it really is all good.

(Oct. 07, 2013 - Tallahassee, FL) Have you ever been fishing and wished there was a sign saying right where the fish are? Well, fish attractors and the buoys that mark them are intended to do just that.

(Sep. 26, 2013 - Gilchrist on Bolivar Peninsula, TX) A leisurely rolling surf lulled me into an almost peaceful trance with its almost hypnotic sounds and vistas of diving sea birds, trawling shrimp boats, and shimmering surf. Then my peaceful interlude quickly changed from quiet bliss to a "keystone comedy" in 2.6 seconds with screeching drag, arching rod, and sandy footsteps with cries of "FISH ON!"

(Sep. 01, 2013 - Rollover Pass, Gilchrist on Bolivar, TX.) Small in size but HUGE in popularity as a food fish. then enter the FUN factor into the aequation and the croaker becomes a key ingredient for fishing folks when explaining the annual phenomenon of the Autumns Golden Croaker run here at Rollover Pass.

(Aug. 05, 2013 - Braham, MN) Things change, that's the way it is. There usually isn't much you can do about it either, except maybe adapt. When it comes to walleye angling there have been plenty of changes, including water that has been getting clearer and clearer.

(Aug. 05, 2013 - HOLLYWOOD, FL.) Nova Southeastern University's (NSU) Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) will help shark enthusiasts take their "Shark Week 2013" to the next level with an interactive website that tracks ?four shark species (mako, tiger, oceanic white tip and sand tiger) around the world. Users can interface with the technology to see where and how far the sharks travel over time.

Renowned journalist recognized for his contributions to ensure recreational fishing's future
(Jul. 10, 2013 - Las Vegas, NV.) The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) and the American Sportfishing Association's (ASA) prestigious Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award was presented to outdoor writer and conservation supporter Louie Stout.

(Jul. 01, 2013 - Braham, MN) Late summer walleyes can be a tough nut to crack but it doesn't have to be that way. Not if you're willing to put a road trip to a big western reservoir like Sakakawea and Lake Oahe in North and South Dakota in your monthly planner.

(Jun. 28, 2013 - Tallahassee, FL) Not everyone can step up to the bow of a boat, lean against the railing, step on a pedal and start netting fish as they float up to the surface. However, biologists use various styles of electrofishing boats or backpack shockers to collect fish for scientific analyses and to help manage the fishery.

(Jun. 27, 2013 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) EARLY is always better, especially when fishing in the summer months. I've just arrived at one of my favorite fishing spots on East Galveston Bay, where the salt-grass is alive with the mornings activity of bait-fish fleeing the maws of hungry fish.

Big-water walleye expert Bruce DeShano gives up his best secrets
(Jun. 14, 2013 - Woodbury, MN) Bruce DeShano seems laid back enough - until he talks about his passion for speed. The founder of Off Shore Tackle likes to drag race a souped-up Mustang with 700 horses under the hood. He reaches speeds over 140 mph in a quarter mile.

(Jun. 18, 2013 - COLUMBIA, SC) In 2014, Abu Garcia will re-launch its iconic Swedish made round reels. Set to be unveiled at ICAST in Las Vegas, July 10, 2013, Abu Garcia will present the newly updated editions of its original Record, C4, C3, Pro Rocket and Morrum Swedish-made round reels. With upgraded performance and style, the new line of round reels embodies the trusted durability and engineering that generations of anglers have come to expect.

Top Bass Pro Reveals Subsurface Secrets
(Jun. 14, 2013 - ) "I'll never forget the first time I got a peek at the underwater world on one of my favorite lakes," recalls Great Lakes bass pro, Joe Balog. It was the summer of 1997, and Balog had just acquired one of the very first underwater viewing systems. "I was so excited to check out this particular spot I could hardly sit still."

(Jun. 14, 2013 - Woodbury, MN) It's often hard to decide what season and species of fish is our favorite. The biggest walleyes and saugers of the year are often caught just after ice-out when water still freezes in the guides of our St. Croix rods. Late spring is a great time for bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, and muskies, one of our favorites.

(Jun. 14, 2013 - Braham, MN) There's more to Devil's Lake than jumbo perch including walleyes and lots of 'em, more pike than you can maybe stand, and incredible numbers of white bass. With a season that never ends it seems there isn't a bad time to fish Devil's Lake but it's the early summer period that could be considered primetime, especially if you're hoping to hook up with a bunch of walleyes.

(Jun. 14, 2013 - Tyler, TX) June and what it has to offer us. First of all did you know that June is the official month to take a kid fishing? Thats right every year the Parks and Wildlife Dept set up a special weekend for you to take a kid fishing and if you don't have your license well thats OK to because everyone gets to fish that weekend for free, and now that you know, theres no reason to not take your kid and any of his or her friends with you so get out on the water.

(Jun. 28, 2013 - Tyler, TX) Lake Palestine is just above full pool, clear and 87 degrees. During July, fishing can be just down right great if you can stand our Texas heat. You can catch every kind fish that you like to fish for. My favorite will always be the large mouth bass and here are a few things I will do to find and then catch them.

(May. 16, 2013 - Tallahassee, FL) Anglers of all ages enjoy showing off their catch and recalling the memories. In fact, that's pretty much been the case for all historical "ages" as well. For instance, Chinese anglers used bamboo rods, reels and silk lines in 3,000 B.C., and one can imagine their pride in a big catch.

(May. 16, 2013 - Tyler, TX) Pre-spawn is when the fish are getting ready to begin the spawn which will normally take place in the later part of February. The big females will have put on their big egg rolls during the winter and then making their way up to the shallow.

Catching trout in still waters made easier with suggestion from Great Lakes maestro
(May. 12, 2013 - ) Driving the roadway along Lake Michigan's shoreline on the way to the launch and not a ripple could be spied. In fact, the lake was so calm it looked as if a layer of Saran Wrap had been stretched tight across its surface.

(Apr. 14, 2013 - Lake Palestine, TX) Lake levels are almost back to normal and fishing is great. Lake Palestine is now only about 4 to 5 inches low and the surface temps are in the mid 60's with the spring spawn up and running.

(Apr. 11, 2013 - ) The line "twitched" slightly before coming taut against the tide. Fingering it found persistent pulls on the other end, "crab" I whispered to no one in particular while slowly pulling line in with one hand and grabbing my dip-net with the other.

(Apr. 03, 2013 - Florida) April showers bring May flowers, but in Florida there is already an abundance of blooms and a great bonanza of freshwater fishing opportunities that began earlier this spring. All across the state, anglers have reported great catches of a wide variety of freshwater fish.

(Apr. 03, 2013 - ) Build up some speed and a dog will nearly put its head through the window to catch a breeze. Our canine companions lose sense of place and time, not to mention discipline when the truck starts cooking down the highway. Albeit for different reasons, walleyes will also drop everything when a wind whips up.

Study of world-famous Stingray City finds human interaction drastically alters stingray behavior
(Mar. 24, 2013 - Stingray City/Sandbar in the Cayman Islands) Stingrays living in one of the world's most famous and heavily visited ecotourism sites - Stingray City/Sandbar in the Cayman Islands - have profoundly changed their ways, raising questions about the impact of so-called "interactive ecotourism" on marine wildlife, reports a new study published March 18 in the journal PLOS ONE.

(Mar. 15, 2013 - Gilchrist, TX) A treasured coastal area of Texas known for amazing fishing and recreation is in danger of being closed by the state, and the two organizations who own and maintain the area, the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel, and Gun Club and the Gilchrist Community Association, are not planning on idly standing by without making their voice heard.

(Mar. 15, 2013 - Jacksonville, TX) Well, it didn't happen - you know, catching another trophy fish. I followed my plan to put in and fish Lake Athens in the morning and then Purtis Creek State Park Lake in the afternoon. The two lakes are separated in distance by about 12 miles. I put in Athens at 8 am and got home at 6 pm.

Agency Calls for Texans To Share Stories, Photos, Become Ambassadors for the Future
(Mar. 07, 2013 - Austin, TX) In the late summer of 1963, the most popular show on television was "The Beverly Hillbillies," a gallon of gas cost 29 cents, the University of Texas Longhorns were headed toward their first national football championship, "My Boyfriend's Back" was the top hit on AM radio and Texas had a new state agency called the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

(Mar. 06, 2013 - Tallahassee, FL) The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) works hard to maintain our status as the "Fishing Capital of the World" by actively managing fishery resources to foster the best fishing opportunities possible.

(Mar. 04, 2013 - Tyler, TX) Do you like fishing for big crappie? I sure do and I like fishing for them with jigs and my all time favorite crappie jig is the Mr. Mino by Mister Twister.

(Mar. 01, 2013 - Braham, MN) North and South Dakota's walleye season is easy to keep up with; it never closes. You can actually fish for (and hopefully catch) walleye all year long and April is the perfect time for getting on open water and trying your luck. Actually; luck has little to do with it and is more a matter of understanding where the fish are and just how active they might be.

(Mar. 01, 2013 - Gilchrist, TX) A treasured coastal area of Texas known for amazing fishing and recreation is in danger of being closed by the state, and the two organizations who own and maintain the area, the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel, and Gun Club and the Gilchrist Community Association, are not planning on idly standing by without making their voice heard.

(Feb. 27, 2013 - Chandler, TX -Neches River) Can spring be far away if we are talking about putting in for spawning Sand Bass and planning a turkey hunt? You may remember last year I told you about putting in to fish Kickapoo Creek and catching a large number of sand bass and catching four different species on the same bait from the same hole. That put in was on February 27, 2012.

(Feb. 26, 2013 - Gilchrist on Bolivar, TX.) The odor was almost tangible, stirring the adrenalin and alerting the reflexes. The smell of watermelon was strong followed by the splashing sounds of feeding specks. The first cast went out and its retrieve hooked up with the first speck of the morning.

(Feb. 6, 2013 - Ontario, Canada) Pure isolation - Harsh elements - Hundred fish days. At Thunderhook Fly-Ins of Ontario, our fly-in only fishing destinations offer an experience unlike any other fishing trip. Catch a flight into Minneapolis or Thunder Bay, and our small aircraft brings you the rest of the way - deep into Ontario's Wabikimi Wilderness. Some fear the isolation, others indulge in the serenity.

(Jan. 01, 2013 - ) As guide Dave Escamilla with Sparky's Guide Service eased the big thirty foot striper boat out of the harbor at Alberta Creek Marina, the sky was full of gulls. Gulls, as far as the eye could see, dive bombing the surface of the lake, picking up hapless shad that were driven to the surface by greedy striper's intent upon eating every baitfish they could catch.

(Jan. 01, 2013 - Lake Istokpoga, FL) Lake Istokpoga is often overlooked by bass anglers seeking the notoriety of the Kissimmee Chain of lakes to the north or Lake Okeechobee to the south. However, 28,000-acre Lake Istokpoga, in Highlands County just south of Sebring, is turning into a top lunker producer.

(Jan. 01, 2013 - Gilchrist on Bolivar, TX.) Black and Red Drum are cousins when considering their twin genetics, traits and habits of the species, BUT, that's as far as it goes when actually looking at the two. On recalling the popular movie "TWINS" the resemblance between these two species are about the same as the stars of the film.

(Dec. 29, 2012 - Devil's Lake,ND) There may be no better place right now to catch big walleyes, giant northern pike, and behemoth perch than Devils Lake in North Dakota. This sprawling freak of nature has been running red hot and is giving it up big time including plenty of dandy walleyes, northern pike that can reach the 16 to 20lb plus range, and perch that can average a pound and a half or better with some weighing in at well over two pounds.

(Dec. 29, 2012 - Tyler, TX) Now that Christmas is over and the new year is here I hope everyone had the best Christmas of all and I hope you got plenty of fishing stuff from Porters Sporting Goods on Lake Palestine so that you can join me this year fishing two of Texas best lakes ever Lake Palestine and Lake Fork.

Getting down to the wire can mean more fish this winter
(Dec. 28, 2012 - Grand Rapids, Mn) If you're not using spring bobbers?or only one kind?you're probably missing fish. But expand your ice arsenal to include three different kinds of wiretapping technology and I'm certain you'll ice more fish this winter.

(Dec. 07, 2012 - Braham, MN) January in Minnesota means plenty of ice fishing and there are many great opportunities available for doing some serious pole bending. Walleye anglers have more options now than at any other time during the hard water season and can be a real mixed bag from the first of the month to the end. Basically; active fish can be found from shallow to deep and are ready and willing to co-operate if you know the where and the when.

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