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The hair transplant was a success: Bucktail Jigs make a big comeback with the walleye bigwigs
(Apr. 15, 2010 - ) I was a twelve-year-old dock boy living the dream at a resort in Northern Wisconsin. By day, I'd hang out with minnows and men who tell fish stories, while earning a little walking around money for my efforts. It was there one summer that I met Hans, an unassuming Swede and regular at the resort.

(Apr. 04, 2010 - ) Some anglers waste their early spring days twiddling their thumbs while waiting for word that the bite has begun at their favorite lake or "Walleye Opener".

(Apr. 01, 2010 - Braham, MN) It doesn't seem that long ago (but it is) when flasher style depth finders were all the rage and anglers finally had a way to actually see the bottom. Not only the bottom but whether it was soft or hard, if there were any fish down below, and even weed growth and maybe what type is was.

Help Us Save a Lifestyle ---- Help Us Save a Texas National Treasure
(Apr. 01, 2010 - Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, TX.) After the devastating storm of September 27, 2008, when Hurricane IKE bulldozed its way over the Bolivar Peninsula, flushing our beachside community of Gilchrist into East Galveston Bay, (and beyond), WE, the GCA, have been struggling to survive and rebuild our community.

(Mar. 26, 2010 - Tyler, TX) What a year we have had with the weather. Can you remember us having this much rain,snow or just plain old cold weather? Well with all the wet weather we have had our lakes are all full and ready for our spring fishing. Bass have been very good with good nubers and size just about every week since the middle of Febuary.

(Mar. 26, 2010 - Alexandria, VA.) In recreational boating today it's a buyers market and used boats represent great value. "Finding your dreamboat is easy," said BoatU.S. Vice President of Boat Finance Charm Addington, who heads the association's Settlement Service .

(Mar. 20, 2010 - ) One of the most important lessons I learned from years of tournament fishing is how to "run and gun."

(Mar. 19, 2010 - Lake Sam Rayburn TX) Braving enemy fire to occupy a critical firing position the young soldier engaged and neutralized six insurgents at close range. Then the soldier, still under relentless fire, ran into a burning vehicle to retrieve an automatic weapon and successfully defended his platoon's position, bringing great credit to himself, and to the 1st Calvary Division.

(Mar. 08, 2010 - Red Oak, TX) Rod Baker, husband and Bass Caddy of WBT Pro Boater Dr. Terri Elkins was shocked to hear from one of his buddies, Lake Fork Guide Lee White, that ESPN/BASS had announced the discontinuation of the Academy Sports and Outdoors Women's Bassmaster Tour on Monday, January 4, 2010.

-Texas Targets Rollover for Closing-
(Mar. 02, 2010 - Gilchrist, Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Since 2008, when satanic winds and the 27 foot tsunami storm surge of Ike destroyed the fishing community of Gilchrest TX, quite a strain was put on the survivor's ability to rebuild their community. But now, an even more sinister ill wind is threatening the very life of this quiet beachside community.

(Mar. 02, 2010 - Braham, MN) Opening day isn't all about catching fish. Just getting on the water and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer is part of the opening experience. It's also a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family and maybe even start a new tradition. To that end it still wouldn't hurt to put a few fish in the boat and can help get your program off to a good start.

(Feb. 25, 2010 - Tyler, TX) March is the month of magic or miracles! The weather begins to warm up, our grass begins to green up our yards, our trees and flowers begin to bloom and the lakes begin to warm up and with all this our spring spawn gets in high gear so if that ain't magic it must be a miracle from God.

(Jan. 26, 2010 - ) Does Mother Nature provide signs that help us predict when and where the fish will be biting? Is it possible to look at the sky, sniff the air and know whether or not it's going to be a good day on the water?

(Jan. 27, 2010 - Braham, MN) A lot of Lake of the Woods anglers are looking forward to the end of the ice fishing season and for good reason. Not that they want it to be over; it's just that it's so doggone good. There's two real peak peaks to the hottest action and it's early (like the first part of December) and late, including middle March to early April.

(Jan. 26, 2010 - Braham, MN) It doesn't take that much to get started. A big high powered rig loaded with all of the latest gadgets isn't what it's all about. Sure I have one now, but some of the best times of my life were spent in a plywood boat powered by an old SeaHorse and without any kind of electronics.

(Jan. 18, 2010 - Woodbury, MN) If you are thinking about buying a boat this coming spring, now is the time to start your purchasing process. Outdoor boat shows and open houses at marine dealerships are scheduled nearly every weekend after New Year's Day through spring and can be great places to get an idea of what you want and how much you're likely to pay.

(Jan. 02, 2010 - ) With arctic MINUS-ZERO temps being experienced across our nations mid-section with demonic gale force winds whipping snow banks into mountainous drifts, I almost feel ashamed about sitting here in 60 degree warmth casting into sun reflecting bay waters for saltwater trout and spot-tailed redfish.........Almost. :}

(Dec. 30, 2009 - Braham, MN) Panfish have exactly what it takes to help ice anglers get through what would otherwise be an extremely slow time of the year. What it takes is some co-operation and crappies and sunnies are usually more than willing to do their share, we just have to do ours.

(Nov. 30, 2009 - Braham, MN) Early ice gets all the hype and for good reason, but that's ancient history. By late January we're already into mid winter, and with it comes plenty of good solid opportunities for hard water walleye anglers. The First part of the mid winter season can best be described as run and gun, with the later being more of a set up and stay put scenario.

(Nov. 30, 2009 - Tyler, TX) December is a month that can produce a bass you can place into the share a lunker program and make history. Every year the Parks and Wild Life Fishery department will start up the share a lunker program to take big female bass from the fisherman and place them in big tanks at the Athens Hatchery to spawn.

(Nov. 19, 2009 - Bolivar Peninsula, Gilchrist, TX.) With the Fall run of the flounder fishing season ebbing, the fishing pressure on these popular flatfish is intensifying with anglers spending their time trying to fill their larders with as many of the tasty filets that they can legally catch. But with the new Texas limit's the flounder anglers may have to fish twice as hard to catch fewer fish.

(Nov. 13, 2009 - ) When it's summer in my home state of Minnesota, the water teems with boats and fishermen. But when the temperatures drop and the docks come out, our lakes and rivers become nearly private playgrounds for dedicated anglers who know a little secret. What's the secret? That late autumn is the best time to catch a lot of big fish!

(Nov. 05, 2009 - Braham, MN) The most important key to cashing in on early season perch action is location. The fact is, you can't catch them where they're not. If you're doing everything right but in the wrong place you'll come home empty handed. On the other hand, if you're doing everything wrong but in the right place you can still catch a few.

(Nov. 05, 2009 - Woodbury, MN) Most good walleye anglers get real excited when the first good ice of the year appears. The fish are aggressive and still willing to swim a fair distance for something to munch on.

(Oct. 30, 2009 - Tyler, TX) Let's talk turkey since it's turkey season. For the most part a lot of fisherman stop fishing in November because of a little thing called deer season. Can you believe it? They stop everything their doing and put deer hunting first and you will never guess what that does for me. I love it too.

(Oct. 30, 2009 - East Galveston Bay, Gilchrist, Texas.) My day started out "kinda-sorta" boring as time passed with my arm aching from cast after empty cast. If it wasn't for the calm, cool, and enjoyable Autumn conditions of being out on Galveston Bay waters, I probably would've cut a wake towards the ramp, and home. But then things began to change....

(Oct. 15, 2009 - ) If you live where the world turns white, and soft water becomes a skating rink when the temperatures fall, then it's that time of the year. Time to say goodbye to open-water angling and prepare for ice fishing. Yes, it's bittersweet. But it's also exciting. To make the most of the upcoming ice fishing season AND next year's summer fun, now's the time to put some gear to bed and bring other things out of hibernation.

(Oct. 15, 2009 - Woodbury, MN) River fishing for walleyes heats up in the fall, so get ready for some of the best fishing of the year. Rivers and jigs are like peanut butter and jam? they go together.

(Oct. 15, 2009 - Braham, MN) First ice can make for some exciting walleye angling but there's usually more to it than meets the eye. Getting on the ice as soon as you safely can is only part of the equation as it's the rest of the story that can make or break your first trip on hard water.

(Oct. 09, 2009 - Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, TX.) "Gosh-darn, grimaced the struggling angler, this critter just won't give up! With a seriously bowed rod and aching arms the angler fought a "toe-to-toe" battle with a stubborn redfish estimated to be 3ft long.

(Oct. 05, 2009 - Athens, TX) Anglers wanting to know what to do if they catch a huge largemouth bass and want to enter it into the Toyota ShareLunker program can now get all the facts in a video.

(Sep. 18, 2009 - ) You wanna see a funny video? Go to YouTube and do a search for "Winkelman Tube." The first video to pop up will be one with some idiot getting into a belly boat to battle a 400-pound Sturgeon! The fish pulls the poor sap around like a bobber and nearly pulls him UNDER! Oh, and that idiot in the video? Well, it's me.

(Sep. 04, 2009 - Braham, MN) There is still time to get in on some superb largemouth bass action but you better make it quick. Before you know it the hottest cool water action will be here and gone and won't last forever, especially here in the Northland. But if you take the time to get on the water soon; you could easily find yourself up to your elbows in big pole bending pigs, and is the best time of the year to nail a real hawg.

(Aug. 28, 2009 - Dania Beach, FL) It's now over 300 world records for Marty - 304 to be exact -- and another 123 for his 17-year old son Martini as the Arostegui angling duo continue to research and methodically rack up unbelievable sportfishing accomplishments around the globe.

-An Affordable Option for Peacock Bass-
(Aug. 20, 2009 - Miami, Florida, August 11, 12, 2009) No screaming monkeys, no shrieking jungle birds, and no, well, almost no pythons slithering fish infested waters while landing my first peacock bass under the shadow of Miami skyscrapers. With jets thundering overhead from Miami International, we fished for, and landed, not only colorful peacock bass, but line stretching snook and tail walking tarpon as well.

(Aug. 14, 2009 - ) Like most guys, I prefer big, fast, tough fishing boats designed for seriou angling 100%. But for some types of fishing, nothing beats the comfort and fishability of a pontoon.

(Jul. 31, 2009 - Woodbury, MN) It's not enough to know that giant, hungry muskies haunt weeds in fall. We all know they're in the green stuff somewhere. Living weeds give off oxygen, cover and shade, and provide muskies with ambush points to snare baitfish hiding among the plants.

(Jul. 31, 2009 - Braham, MN) They're back big time, and that's great news for us bird hunters. It's been a while since grouse have peaked but we're close, and this may be the big year. The bottom of the cycle drug on for what seemed an eternity but last year's numbers showed a real improvement, and with spring drumming counts getting a solid bump up its plenty exciting.

(Jul. 17, 2009 - Tyler, TX) August usually brings very low water conditions but this year looks good at this time. Normally we will be down anywhere from one foot to as much as three feet in August due to the droughts. So far this year we are not that far behind on rain fall and fishing has been great.

(Jul. 24, 2009 - ) Could this be the new frontier for fisheries managers -- supplementing fish populations with hatchery-reared "super fish" that are artificially juiced to build muscle, increase stamina and stave off injury so that they can swim longer and harder and put up a Herculean fight for anglers?

(Jul. 14, 2009 - Woodbury, MN) Football players learn a lot by analyzing film from last Sunday's game. The same goes for professional fishermen. Taking a close look at the last tournament teaches them plenty about what works and what doesn't. Reflection is valuable not only for people with money on the line, but also for the average angler who can learn a lot and improve their next time on the water.

(Jul. 10, 2009 - Gilchrist, Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) We're still here, stated Amanda Reynolds, even though Hurricane Ike literally destroyed all of our homes and washed away our possessions, "WE" as a community are still here in heart and are still working to keep Rollover Pass open and free to the public."

(Jul. 08, 2009 - East Galveston Bay, Rollover Pass, TX.) Drifting on the early morning outgoing proved fruitless casting soft plastics into off colored water. With no birds working or feeding activity it was looking bleak for any speckled trout action. The bait was here, shad flitting, shrimp skittering, and mullet, well, being mullet. Then I spotted a distant grass-line.

(Jun. 26, 2009 - Alexandria, MN) Let me set the stage for you. It's mid-summer, the temperatures have been in the low 80's, its calm and quiet. The sun is just breaking on the eastern sky. The air is so heavy that the smell of your partner's fresh cup of coffee just hangs in it. The lake's surface looks like glass.

(Jun. 29, 2009 - Tyler, TX) Have you ever tried to beat the heat in July by fishing for big bass? Well I sure do and when I get that big giant on the line I forget about the heat. That's right you can be burning up and when you get that big bass you will instantly forget that there is any heat that day and the best thing is that those big trophy bass don't care because they have one thing in mind and that is to eat a big meal.

(Jun. 29, 2009 - Braham, MN) One of the main ingredients to finding and catching big summer walleyes is quite often found along a change in depth or drop off (a.k.a. break line). Breaks can help concentrate fish, like where shallow water flat drops into deep, op along the top or bottom edge of a big main lake hump, or even the bottom edge of a deep weedline can all be considered break lines.

(Jun. 26, 2009 - Alexandria, MN) Learning to fish a new lake can be a time consuming and daunting task. If you could spend as much time on the water as you wanted to, the task would become that much easier; but for most folks that's just not a practical option. With the technology available today there are some short cuts that will make learning a new lake faster and easier.

(Jun. 18, 2009 - ) I don't know how many times I've seen itS A ton of boats stacked up on a known panfish hole, where anglers cast bobbers and jigs, waxworms, minnows, leeches, crawlers and other edibles without much luck. And somewhere in the mix, you spot brightly-colored line arcing in a graceful castS then a hookset, and a bent rod as the fly fisherman strips in yet another big fish.

(Jun. 12, 2009 - San Luis Pass, TX) Roll-casting the flooded grass edges put my fly right where I wanted it, and quickly stripping my retrieve initiated just the reaction I was hoping for when a fish rolled on it, bowing my fly rod and burning line through my fingers.

An easy-to-understand story about barometric pressure and its impact on your fishing.
(Jun. 10, 2009 - ) Todd Heitkamp still remembers the day his professor first explained the basics of barometric pressure in a Weather 101 class at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

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