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Critical Habitat Designations in Arkansas and other states

by: presented by: Forrest L. Wood,

(Apr. 25, 2014 - Flippin, Arkansas)

Dear Friends,
I have attached some information for your perusal regarding critical habitat designations in Arkansas.This is not limited to Arkansas so please contact your local, state, and federal representatives to express your sentiments. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information.The Department of the Interior link below is a map of Arkansas showing just one critical habitat designation for the mussels. It's easy to see from this how quickly the government could be in control of our lands. The information is for you to share as you see fit and forward to your representatives if you desire.
Kindest regards,


Our government is attempting to take 769 miles of rivers and streams in Arkansas and additional mileage in several other states. Because Obama's Great Outdoor Initiative allows for this, the monster will rear its ugly head frequently in hopes that we won't be paying attention. Many folks in Arkansas, including our Governor, Congressional staff, State Chamber of Commerce, Association of Arkansas Counties, and others have already expressed their views regarding these types of infringements on personal property.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service stated last year that this would not lead to sweeping changes, but if one examines the history of the same comments and promises made at Mtn. View before the Buffalo River became a national river, this is not to be believed. Thousands of acres and hundreds of miles of private property were taken and swallowed up by the Federal government, and this continues to be a prevailing problem in many states across the country We can't depend on those promises!

Current land owners have maintained our state streams so that people drive long distances to visit and many move here to stay. Why do we need any federal agency to come and take over more of our beautiful property and create more restrictions that prevent normal use and enjoyment

The fact that these mussels are still here says we don't need the feds! Let's not forget the Blueway Designation that would have taken 180 feet, over hundreds of miles, on each side of all the streams in the White River drainage just last year. This is another attempt at taking over our streams! These attempts will continue to come unless we pay attention, speak up, and stand up for what if right.

Fox News Easter Sunday showed, then Senator Obama, saying that we need more enforcement personnel on federal properties across the country. Last nights news saw the Federal government laying claim to private land along the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma. This is going on all across our country. Many of us don't think we need more federal agency involvement, more federal employees and employee votes!! Our government is big enough and obviously cannot manage what it has already been given.