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UK Grasps Day One Lead of Collegiate Open

Adrian College and Northern Kentucky in Second and Third Respectively

by: Wade Middleton,

Day 1 leader the University of Kentucky with a total of 19.47 lbs.
Photo by Courtesy CBAA
(Apr 19, 2015 - San Antonio, Texas) The Collegiate Bass Fishing Open is currently being led by the University of Kentucky with a total of 19.47 lbs with Adrian College and Northern Kentucky University chasing close behind with a respective 18.09 lbs and 16.88 lbs. With nearly 150 boats in competition making up a total of 86 teams, the collegiate field is able to enjoy a different competitive format in the second of the four Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series events.

The two day, team format Collegiate Bass Fishing Open allows a team consisting of two boats and 4 anglers (2 anglers in each boat all from the same school) to compete. Each boat can bring in up to 3 fish each day for up to 6 fish weighed each day. In addition, there are four other team formats that are allowed for this event which are as follows:

B. 2 boats and 3 anglers (2 anglers in one boat and 1 angler in other boat)
- Each boat can bring in up to 3 fish each day for up to 6 fish weighed each day.
C. 2 boats and 2 anglers (1 angler in each boat)
- Each angler can bring in 3 fish each day for up to 6 fish weighed each day.
D. 1 boat and 2 anglers (2 anglers in one boat)
- Each angler can bring in 3 fish each day for up to 6 fish weighed each day.
E. 1 boat and 1 angler
- Angler can bring in up to 5 fish each day to be weighed.

The University of Kentucky Sits on Top

As the tournament started out with less than desirable conditions, anglers were held until 10:30 a.m. to allow a thick layer of fog to clear from the still waters of Lake Chickamauga. With high hopes still protruding in the crowd of collegiate anglers from some exceptional days of practice, the anglers were more than anxious to start the tournament, even with the shortened tournament day.
Among those anglers stood the Day One leaders, the University of Kentucky. Hunter Fulcher and Ryan Collins made up the two person team that was able to adapt to the tough conditions to bring in the heaviest sack of fish of the day even without their sixth keeper fish.

"The fog was unexpected, but didn't have a huge effect on our strategy," said Fulcher. "The shorter time did make us feel more rushed than usual, however."

The team was able to figure out a pattern to catch their five fish despite the conditions.

"We have two main patterns - one shallow and one a little further offshore," Collins stated.

Collins added that "the fish aren't locked on spawning yet so we are fishing a variety of shallow stuff with moving hard baits and flippin' baits."

The University of Kentucky team stated that though it was a grind to get their five bites, they were very pleased with the end result of their day and look forward to get a longer day on the water tomorrow to search for six big largemouths.

Adrian College Clinches Second

Competing as a full two boat team in the Collegiate Bass Fishing Open, Adrian College took advantage of the six fish team limit by weighing in six fish for 18.09 lbs. The team was notably the only team to bring in a complete six fish limit and will be looking for a repeat of Day One among the tougher rain conditions on Day Two.
Northern Kentucky Holds Third
Rounding out the top three of Day One sits Northern Kentucky University. Competing as a two boat team, Northern Kentucky fished two anglers to one boat and one angler to the other, proving the effectiveness of the team format as they brought in five fish for a total of 16.88 lbs. With five possible team options, Northern Kentucky was able to take advantage of the diverse Collegiate Bass Fishing Open tournament and looks to get their sixth fish in the boat for Day Two.

Among the remaining top ten are the following:
4. Murray State University - 15.88 lbs
5. Mississippi State University - 15.65 lbs
6. Bethel University - 13.93 lbs
7. Murray State University - 12.61 lbs
8. University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - 12.42 lbs
9. Middle Tennessee State University - 10.96 lbs
10. Bryan College - 10.75 lbs

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