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Catching up

by: Michael Banks, DDS,

(May 20, 2015 - Neches River, Jacksonville, TX)

I have a few catch up items for you

1).  I made a second trip to Devils River that was more exciting than the first.  I am working on the write up to follow.

2). The Launch Event must be rescheduled for the Cherokee Neches Paddling Trail that was for May 30 – there is just too much water for it to be a safe paddle.  Below is my press release.

3). HB 3298 is dying; we will not make the call until we know for sure.  More of your calls to the Committee Members should put it away since HB 3298 is still in Committee . 

The information for you to make the calls is below. Thanks for your efforts and we will celebrate at the right time.

Until we put in again.
The amount of rain we are receiving in East Texas is unusual.  The Neches River is out of its channel with many trees down.  It would not be prudent or safe for folks to use the Cherokee Neches Paddling Trail under these conditions.
The Launch Event for the Cherokee Neches Paddling Trail scheduled for May 30 at Neches River Run Park has been suspended.  The Launch Event Committee of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce plans to reschedule this launch event this fall.

Michael Banks, Paddling Trail Coordinator for the Chamber said, “We are excited to have the Cherokee Neches Paddling Trail designated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  This is just one of the things that happens when you work with nature.  We have had great interest in this event and we will reschedule it when the river is safer.”

One may go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website under the Paddling Trail section to find information about the Cherokee Neches trail.”
Okay Folks,
Here is what we need to do next to defeat HB 3298 in the Texas Senate.
Target the Senate Committee that is hearing this bill and could be meeting again this week or early next week.  We have less than two week left in the session before we can breathe again.

The reasons this bill is not good are the following:
1). HB 3298 is the first step to creating a water grid over Texas about sending water from a grid that has water to an area demanding more water, whether or not those areas are using existing water supplies efficiently. Texans do not need this as we already have a Water Plan based on input from all regions of the state.  A state water grid is more government on top of government.
2). The energy cost to move water in this manner would be prohibitive.  This plan has been tried before in Texas and in other states and has failed.
3).There are findings hidden away in this bill if passed will become law and courts and lawyers will use to the disadvantage of Texans.

Here’s all you got to say “I am calling in opposition to HB 3298 that the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs is hearing and request this bill not be voted out of committee”  That’s all you got to say.
Calling is better than email.  It is very important to do this now as the Committee is still hearing this bill.

We can beat this bill with your help!

Members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, & Rural Affairs:

Senator Charles Perry (Lubbock - but his district includes numerous counties in the Texas Panhandle), Chairman, 512-463-0128 -

 Senator Judith Zaffirini (Laredo - but her district includes all or part of 18 mainly South TX Counties, including parts of Bexar and Travis Counties), Vice-Chair, 512-463-0121 -

 Senator Brandon Creighton (Conroe - but his district includes Beaumont and all of Jefferson County and parts of Chambers, Galveston, Harris, & Montgomery Counties) - 512-463-0104 -

Senator Bob Hall (Canton - but his district includes Delta, Fannin, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, Rockwall, & Van Zandt Counties & a small part of Dallas County) - 512-463-0102 -

Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (McAllen - but his district include all or part of four counties, including part of Corpus Christi) - 512-463-0120 -

Senator Lois Kolkhorst (Brenham - her district includes all of 18 counties and parts of three other counties, including several coastal counties like Matagorda and Aransas) - phone:512-463-0118 -

Senator Jose Rodriguez (El Paso - district includes four far West Texas counties, including El Paso County & the Big Bend area - 512-463-0129 -