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Defeat of HB 3298

by: Michael Banks, DDS,

(May 29, 2015 - Jacksonville, TX) Folks,
You did it again!
The ignominious Water Grid Bill, known as Grid-Zilla, has died.  Opinions from those in the know in the legislature are stating that this crazy idea to manage water in Texas will not be resurrected even though this legislative session is not over until June 1.

HB 3298 never made it out of the Senate Agriculture/Water/Rural Affairs Committee.  The targeting of this Committee’s members worked.  Never sell short your contacts with our legislators and your District’s Senator and Representative.  Get to know these folks.

We kept an eye on the legislative mischief being used in an attempt to attach the failed HB 3298 to other bills and slip them through both bodies in the Texas legislature before this session closed, then for this measure to be sent to the Governor for his signature into law.  This strategy to pass Grid-Zilla didn’t work because you had made the calls.

The Grid-Zilla bills would have created a study of the idea of placing a water grid over Texas to evaluate the water in each grid with the grid having water being required to “send” their water to the grid not having water.  The energy cost to do this would be enormous.  The grid without water could have used their water depleting their aquifers by watering unnecessary crops or just wasting it.

This water management system has failed before in Texas and other states and violates the rule of not allowing inter basin transfers of water.

Thank goodness your contacts to your legislators made a difference and your bipartisan efforts prevailed to crush this idea.  Our thanks go to other groups who were coordinated to also make the calls to defeat HB 3298.

Thanks to you for stepping up to defeat a bad idea.  You did it again!
Keep up the good work.

Until we put in again,
Michael Banks, DDS
Friends of the Neches River