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Sportsmen's Act takes a big step forward

(Oct 31, 2015 - Alexandria, Va) In a victory for fishermen and boaters, the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act was approved by the House Natural Resources Committee today. Commonly known as the Sportsmen’s Act, today’s vote moves the bill one step closer to passage. 

Provisions of the SHARE Act that were approved by the committee include:

    •    Protecting traditional fishing equipment containing lead from unwarranted federal bans.
    •    Requiring federal land managers to support and facilitate access for fishing, hunting and recreational shooting on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands.
    •    Preventing unnecessary closures of public lands to fishing and hunting by implementing an “open until closed” management policy.

Also included is a new amendment that would reverse the closure of 10,000 acres of Biscayne National Park to fishing AND prevent such unwarranted closures from happening in the future.

Next, the SHARE Act will move to the full House of Representatives for approval. There’s still a long road ahead but trust KeepAmericaFishing to keep you informed. Thank you for making your voice heard.