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Miami Vice Boat and Series Star Olivia Brown to Headline the Miami International Boat Show Feb. 11 - 15

Appearance spurs rumors of Miami Vice TV series reunion and reboot

Photo by courtesy PR Newswire
(Feb 11, 2016 - Miami, FL)

For the first time in 30 years, the iconic Miami Vice boat will be in Miami waters, and aboard will be Miami Vice original cast member Olivia Brown.  Amid the buzz of a possible Miami Vice reunion and series reboot, the Vice boat and Ms. Brown will be appearing at the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 11 – 15.

"The Vice boat embodies the fast-paced lifestyle of the period, and Olivia Brown – Detective Trudy – is beloved by millions of Vice fans around the world," said David Martino, the entertainment collectibles king and number one Vice fan who bought the boat and Miami Vice Ferrari, both of which will be prominently featured at the Boat Show.

Boat Show attendees will be able to meet Ms. Brown, get autographs, take photos and purchase a charitable raffle benefitting Women In Distress, which helps provide emergency shelter and services for battered women.  Raffle winners will get a ride on the Miami Vice boat with Ms. Brown followed by lunch with the actress.

In the eighties, Miami Vice helped transform Miami into a jetsetter's paradise.  The economic impact the show had on the area continues today, more three decades after TV series debuted.  The Miami Vice boat was featured in the show's opening sequence and frequently during the show.

TV industry analysts say that Martino's efforts to facilitate a Miami Vice cast reunion, starting with Olivia Brown and the iconic Vice boat, have been nothing short of Herculean.

"Martino went out and bought the original Vice fast boat," said one analyst.  "He bought the Vice Ferrari, secured original Vice cast member Olivia Brown and is in discussion with the other cast members to bring them back.  Nobody's has ever gotten this far."

The Miami Vice Fast Boat and Ferrari, and Vice star Olivia Brown will be at the Miami International Boat Show each day of the Show, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


MIAMI, FL 33149

FEBRUARY 11–15, 2016

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