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2017 Lucky Tackle Box Big Bass World Champion Crowned

by: Brad Uhl,

(Nov 13, 2017 - Ft. Gibson Lake, OK)

 The Bassin’ Magazine Lucky Tackle Box Big Bass World Championship (BBWC) is in the books as 48 anglers from across the nation paired up for a day on the water at Ft. Gibson Lake located in Oklahoma.

Forty-seven BBWC State Champions, and 2016 Big Bass World Champion Vern Olsen arrived Friday evening for dinner and pre-tournament activities brought to you by Trapper Tackle.

    One special angler from , in a 2 chance winner drawing, is randomly selected from a special post on the forum board, giving anglers one more chance and way to win to compete in the finals. Another lucky angler is drawn from Lucky Tackle Box promoters, and paired to fish as well.

State Champion anglers were paired up, had a short question and answer session with tournament director and BASSIN’ Magazine owner Brad Uhl, and over $500 in fishing prizes for each state champion were handed out during the dinner activities.

 “Lucky Tackle Box’ is proud to be a title sponsor for this event, every year it means so much to these anglers, who at home, may not have the time to compete on a tournament level,” LTB President Rick Patri said.

“Bassin’ Magazine” has organized this tournament every year, after a ten year hiatus. This will be the 19 year of the BBWC. Over 4 million dollars in prizes have been awarded over the 19 years. “Bringing together weekend anglers for a fishing tournament is an amazing feeling, to watch these guys to compete against each other, some whom have never seen a lake this big, some whom have never had a boat ride. This gives them
something more than prizes, it is a true life changing experience.” Says Bassin’ publisher Brad Uhl.

State Championship prizes included a Lucky Tackle Box from LTB, Several different packages of GENE LAWREW baits, Z-Man Chatterbaits, Z-Man Plastics, Smartbaits soft plastic and hardbaits, KastKing Braided fishing line, and many more prizes. The trophies from were displayed on the weigh in table, courtesy of the Angler Nation weigh-in stage. Also on display was the Weld-Craft
Boat, Suzuki motor, and EZ Trac trailer.

What would turn into one of the closest finals of the Big Bass World Championship, the event started at safe light, and the forecast was clear and sunny with strong north winds ranging from 10-20 mph, with some occasional gusts up to 35. The Oklahoma weathermen had this right, as the three foot high lake had white caps all across. The north wind howled kept the temperatures right at the 38 to 40 degree mark all day.

The cloudless bluebird sky and cold winds did not worry the anglers as the launch at 7:30 am went off smoothly. Weigh-in was scheduled at 2:30 p.m. on the Angler Nation weigh-in stage, which carries top of the line equipment for all tournament weigh in needs.

 “These guys come across this stage and they will feel like they are on top of the world,”  Joe Davis, with Anglers Nation, said. “The added hot seat for the current leader makes it that much cooler.”

    The 2017 Big Bass World Championship prize was again up to $50,000 and a new Weld-Craft boat, Suzuki 40 HP motor, and EZ-Trac trailer. Weld-Craft has been building All-Welded, All-Aluminum boats since 1988.

    As the weigh-in began it was evident anglers had a rough day, but caught bass in the cold, tough, windy conditions. They were coming up to the aerated troughs with fish. After a few lead changes on the hot seat, only one angler remained. It was Jason Ervin, qualifying from California, with his catch of 5.04lbs. He knew one contestant had a close fish, as John Fiordiliso from New York, came up to the scales. Official weight for John, 4.91 lbs. and not enough to take the lead from Jason Ervin, our new 2017 Bassin’ Lucky Tackle Box BBWC World Champion. 5.04 lbs. is a nice fish, and this fish gave him the win, Big Bass World Championship trophy, the check, and the Weld-Craft boat, Suzuki motor, and Ez-Trac trailer. “Oh my goodness. I am really not believing it right now. I called my wife too, and she thinks it is a joke, I never win anything!” Ervin said.

The top five finishers in the 2017 BBWC include:
1 place – Jason Ervin (CA) 5.04 pounds
2 Place – John Fiordiliso (NV) 4.91 pounds
3 Place – Matt Ellis (TN) 4.39 pounds
4 Place – Thomas “Brad” Case (MS) 4.25 pounds
5 Place – Jason Oakey (DE) 4.08 pounds

The top five were only separated by less  than one pound between all of them, and 18 total
fish were weighed in, as this was exciting for the nearly 500 guests in attendance watching the
weigh in, as well as the TV crew filming” said Uhl.

This year, the BBWC added a 2 place prize, of another boat. The BassHunter 10ft model was
given to John Fiordiliso in 2 place, for his catch of 4.91 lb bass. “I caught my state winning fish
out of a BassHunter” John stated.

 Another addition was to 3 place, was a new “JIMMY STIX” fishing rod, from Savur Outdoors.
Matt Ellis won this, and commented “This is an ultra-sensitive rod, I cannot wait to fish with this.
This is great to have prizes to other places."

Fishing the BBWC is easy. Sign up for the 2017 BBWC event at or go to and get
your official F&H ruler from BASSIN’ in the mail now. Start fishing beginning Jan. 1, 2018 through
Aug 15, 2018. Fish anytime, anywhere, you are fishing anyway! Included are other things from the
sponsors, like a one-year free subscription to BASSIN’, The Official Magazine for the Weekend
Angler, and many other prizes.

    “We here at Bassin’ and the Big Bass World Championship are excited to announce a new title
sponsor for 2017, Lucky Tackle Box. This will bring new anglers from around the United States that
may not have heard about us over the past 18 years.” said Uhl at the finals weigh in.

    Rick P stated, “Extending our partnership from Lucky Tackle and Bassin’ Magazine to the
Big Bass World Championship is exciting. We are looking forward to the anglers catching fish and
entering the Tournament.”

    Another sponsor again for the 2018 Big Bass World Championship is Savur Outdoors. “This addition
to the BBWC from Savur is amazing.” A high quality product that is not available anywhere else, and
nothing like it on the market, I appreciate the teamwork to get this done. Never lose your stuff again,
from your camera, to your rod, to anything that falls out of your boat and sinks, this is the real
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