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Denali Introduces New Kovet Tungsten

Photo by Denali Rods
(Oct 13, 2020 - Mt Home, AR)
Arkansas angler Quincy Houchin may not be a household name on a national level, but chances are if you live in the vicinity he has likely taken some of your money during tournament competition. Houchin has logged two victories and a second place finish in his last 3 BFL events, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. One of Houchin's favorite techniques that he has relied on recently for his tournament success is fishing a Whopper Plopper. While most of us have fished this surface gurgling lure at this point, finding the proper rod for the job can prove difficult. Houchin has landed on the Denali Lithium Series L945XD as his rod of choice. "The length and flex at 7'10" is perfect for making long casts with the Plopper, which I feel is key in clearer water," said Houchin. Making longer casts can often times make it difficult to get a good hook in a fish once it strikes, hence the reason Houchin opts for the extra heavy action. "The extra heavy action also gives you the ability to get a hook in the fish on a long cast, but has enough flex to keep from pulling the hooks lose. Overall the L945XD is the perfect set up for throwing the Whopper Plopper and many other larger type top water and swimming type baits." Houchin concluded.
Denali has experienced strong growth in rod sales for the past several years and is excited to be branching out in 2020 with the launch of their new Kovert Tungsten weights. The Kovert Tungsten weights are 97% pure tungsten, which offers anglers higher sensitivity to transmit the lightest bites. The Kovert Series weights are insert free and will not fray your line, featuring a diamond polished finish to insure they are smooth with no sharp edges. Each Kovert Tungsten weight is powder coated in two popular colors, green pumpkin or black. The weights are available in three styles, including a flipping weight and two shapes of drop shot weights, a tear drop and skinny cylinder shape. The flipping weights are offered in 1/8oz to 1 1/4oz and the drop shot weights are available in 1/8oz, 1/4oz and 3/8oz.